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Outpatient Clinic

Open Access/Intake

Are you experiencing problems with mental health and want to get help now? Open Access is an intake process that offers help to clients who feel they need to be seen within the same day.

A mental health evaluation provided by a mental health clinician. They will assess history, past diagnoses, and treatment expectations.

After the evaluation, the client schedules an appointment with an assigned social worker or a psychiatric nurse, based on treatment needs. 

Open Access is on a first-come, first-served basis. Those who have scheduled an appointment ahead of time will be tended to first. Don’t wait any longer!

Walk-in hours are Monday - Friday, 9am - 2:30pm.

Adult, Children & Youth Therapy

Adult Therapy offers treatment to adults with a mental health problem. Each client is paired up with a social worker and with a prescriber if needed. A person-centered treatment plan is developed after admission.  The plan includes specific goals and objectives that match the treatment needs. Forms of evidence-based treatment are offered: Independent therapy, medication therapy, and group therapy.

Children & Youth Therapy is available to clients 25 years old and under and offers similar services to Adult Therapy.

Medication Therapy

Clients are prescribed medication by a psychiatrist or psychiatric nurse practitioner, and have registered nurse support. Long-acting injectables and clozaril are offered to clients with a severe mental illness. A long-acting injectable is an injection of medication for those who need help managing their medication.

Forensic Therapy

Forensic Therapy provides treatment for sex-offenders, domestic violence offenders, clients mandated by anger management, clients on probation, and clients on parole. Forensic Therapy also provides crisis services for people in the community who may need immediate help. This includes Emergency Outreach Service (EOS), Mobile Crisis Team (MCT), and Critical Incident Negotiation Team (CINT).