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COVID-19 Update: CDC Vaccine Approval Age Six-Month and Older

(6/21/2022) The Tompkins County Health Department is sharing the recent announcement by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) regarding the emergency authorization of both a Moderna and a Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine for individuals ages six months and older.

Frank Kruppa, Public Health Director stated, “We have been waiting for a vaccine to be authorized for use in younger children and are happy to be able to share this announcement today. Getting children vaccinated against COVID-19 will protect them, as well as their families and grandparents. Especially as we begin the summer travel season, vaccination for the whole family will be essential. The vaccines have gone through comprehensive and rigorous evaluation demonstrating safety and effectiveness. Please get your children vaccinated and maintain your family’s protection by staying up to date on your vaccinations too.”

Vaccine availability and additional information in the full press release.

COVID-19 Update: Tompkins County Mask Advisory Suspended

(6/10/2022) Tompkins County Health Department is alerting the community that the Mask Advisory has been suspended for Tompkins County, effective as of Friday, June 10, 2022.

Tompkins County Public Health Director Frank Kruppa stated, “The mask advisory is being lifted for Tompkins County because we have had several weeks of improving case numbers along with low hospitalization rates. This is encouraging news as we navigate the ebbs and flows of the pandemic. TCHD will continue to closely monitor disease prevalence and will alert the community if this trend starts to shift. Please get vaccinated if you have not already done so and get boosted when eligible. Thank you to our community members for their adherence to safety guidance; we must all continue to work together to reduce spread and keep our community healthy.”

Guidance and additional information are in the full press release.

Health Alert: Rise in Cases of Syphilis, At-Risk Community Members Urged to Seek Testing and Treatment

(6/2/2022) The Tompkins County Health Department is alerting the community about the local rise in cases of syphilis, a sexually transmitted infection which can also be passed along to newborn infants via their birth parent. If you are pregnant and have syphilis, you can give the infection to your unborn baby. As a necessary precaution, all pregnant people should receive syphilis testing at their first prenatal visit, at 28 weeks, and again at delivery. If you test positive, you should begin treatment right away. Guidance and additional information are in the full press release.

Health Alert: Amid Nationwide Infant Formula Shortage, Information for Tompkins County Families

(5/16/2022) The Tompkins County Health Department is alerting local families to information on how to access resources and infant formula amid ongoing shortages. For those who are struggling to afford groceries or infant formula, the Tompkins County Women, Infants and Children (WIC) program may be able to help.

Health Alert: Fentanyl Present in Street Drugs, Cautions and Preventative Measures to Take to Limit Risk of Overdose

(5/19/2022) The Tompkins County Health Department is alerting the community about the high risk of the presence of Fentanyl in street drugs. Fentanyl is a highly addictive synthetic substance that is added into illicit street drugs to increase consumption but is also highly associated with risk of overdose death.

Community partners provide a wide variety of services to support those in need. Please review the full press release, for valuable links and resources.


New graph: Trends in Overdose Emergencies

Monthly calls to 911 for overdose emergencies, 2018 to the present.
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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

moving forward badge The 2019 novel coronavirus is a rapidly evolving situation. Following guidance from the CDC and NYSDOH, we are working closely with County Administration, elected officials, and community partners, including Cayuga Health System and other healthcare providers. The health and well-being of our community is our top priority.


As of 06/27/2022 at 8:30 a.m.

Active COVID-19 Hospitalizations (1) 4
Total TC Resident Deaths 63
Total Tests (2) 1,917,356
Daily Tests 155
New Positive Cases 4
Total Positive Cases 22,382
Daily Positive Self-Tests Reported (3) 6
Total Positive Self-Tests Reported 3,141
NYS Vaccine Tracker 1st Dose (4) 86,383
NYS Vaccine Tracker Completed 78,981

Sources: (1) Cayuga Health System and TCHD; (2) TCHD and NYS DOH ECLRS; (3) TCHD; (4) NYS Vaccine Tracker.

As of 1/31/22, the TCHD Data Table will be updated Monday-Friday. The cumulative spreadsheet will continue to be updated with weekend information on Monday of each week, or the next business day if a holiday. The Data Page will continue to have regularly updated graphs. View our Press Release from 1/27/2022 for additional information.

As of 12/27/2021, reported positive self-test results have been added to the daily table and spreadsheet. For more information about self tests, see the self-test webpage. 

Additional Information about COVID-19 Data: The historical spreadsheet is available on the Data Page (sortable) or Google spreadsheet.

  • The above data may be corrected as final investigations are completed.
  • Data icon -- Data helps keep us informed Daily tests are composed of positive and negative test results from ECLRS, the Electronic Clinical Laboratory Report System, a New York State Department of Health database that collects test results from all state-certified labs. The number reported here is for the previous day.
  • New cases and total case data is from TCHD, pulled from ECLRS.
  • Higher education testing data is included in the TCHD daily update. This data reflects test results from certified laboratories (PCR and lab-processed antigen testing), but does not include self-reported home tests. Positive cases in nursing homes are included in total positive cases. All positive cases are unique individuals.
  • “About the table fields” explainer graphic for revised version.
  • Data Page: trend graphs, source of exposure, demographics.
  • TCHD Google spreadsheet: Click Here
  • College Dashboards: Cornell University | Ithaca College | TC3.
  • New York State's COVID-19 metrics: Regional Dashboard | County Tracker

Testing at the Cayuga Health Sampling Site: Appointment required. Pre-register at or call Cayuga Health Call Center at 607-319-5708. Site hours: M-F 8:30AM-4:00PM. Click here for additional information

Free testing for all Tompkins County residents at the Cayuga Health Sampling Site. Free testing for all NYS residents at NYS-run sampling sites. Information about the NYS testing program here.

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Call 2-1-1 for up-to-date information about COVID-19.

2-1-1 Logo imageFor general questions 2-1-1 operators will have the most up-to-date information and guidance. Out of area call 1-877-211-8667.

2-1-1 should be used for non-medical inquiries only. Calls regarding health and medical inquiries should be directed to the Health Department at 607-274-6604. If you are experiencing symptoms, including cough, fever and shortness of breath, call your health care provider.

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NOTICE:  The Tompkins County Health Department makes every effort to post accurate and reliable information. However, it does not guarantee or warrant that the information on this website is complete, accurate, or up-to-date. Tompkins County shall not be liable under any circumstances for any claims or damages arising directly or indirectly from information presented therein. Please contact the program area by phone or the receptionist at 607-274-6600 for more information.

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