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Children’s Camps

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imageCamp Codes, Safety Guide & Safety Plans

State Sanitary Codes

document coverStatutory Authority: Public Health Law, §225
NYSDOH Bureau of Community Environmental Health and Food Protection

Sections 7-2.1 thru 7-2.25
Includes Amendments Eff. 6-22-2017
(download pdf, 362KB. Posted 1-23-2017.)

Requirements for Campers with Disabilities at Children’s Camps
Section 7-2.25 of Subpart 7-2 of the State Sanitary Code contains requirements for camps enrolling campers with physical and developmental disabilities. (DOH 01-2017)
FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions (Download PDF)

Go to NYS Web site SubPart 7-2

Swimming Pools

Sections 6-1.1 thru 6-1.31
Includes Amendments Eff. 7/6/2011
(Download PDF, 279KB. Posted Mar 23 2012)

Go to pool safety plan

Go to NYS Web site SubPart 6-1 - Swimming Pools

Bathing Beaches

Sections 6-2.1 thru 6-2.20
Includes Amendments Eff. 7/6/2011
(Download PDF, 218KB. Posted Mar 23 2012)
Go to beach safety plan
Go to NYS Web site SubPart 6-2 - Bathing Beaches;
Go to NYS Web site SubPart 6-3 - Recreational Aquatic Spray Grounds

Additional NYS Web site links for Part 7

»Part 7 — Temporary Residences, Mass Gatherings, Children's Camps, Campgrounds and Agricultural Fairgrounds
» SubPart 7-3 — Campgrounds
» SubPart 7-5 — Agricultural Fairgrounds


Children's Camp Safety Plan

May 2009

New York State Sanitary Code Subpart 7-2, Children's Camps, requires that children's camp operators develop, review annually, update and implement a written safety plan. This plan must be submitted to your local health department (LHD) for their review and approval. The plan must accurately describe the camp's procedures for personnel, facility operation and maintenance, fire safety, medical, general and activity safety, staff training, and camper orientation.

Childrens Camp Safety Plan Templates

Brochure: Children’s Camps in NYS
DOH 3601 (3/05). Cover pictured at left.
Information for parents about state permitting requirements, staff qualifications, health & safety expectations, rights and responsibilities of the parent or guardian, the camp operator and the local health department.
Download legal-size, 2-sided brochure for printing (PDF, 91K)


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