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Summer Camp Guide

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WELCOME to our searchable Summer Camp Guide.

We are extremely happy that so many summer programs/camps will be offered this summer.

A few tips as you decide on the most appropriate camp or program for your child(ren). 

  • COVID-19 -  precautions and concerns. Camps/programs will be monitoring safety guidelines. Be sure to check directly with the camp you are interested in on the specific guidelines they will be following. Above all else, the health and safety of your child is most important.

  • There are differences between regulated “camps” and programs, workshops, or classes.  Regulated camps must be registered with the New York State Health Department and meet specific criteria.  Some programs may be registered as school-aged child care programs through the Child Development Council but still call themselves camps. 

Regulated vs Non-regulated camps: camps that are not required to obtain a permit pursuant to Subpart 72 of the NYS Sanitary Code, are required to post the following at the facility and on its website if applicable:  "This camp is not regulated or inspected by the New York State Department of Health and is not required to obtain a Department of Health permit. This camp is not required to follow Department of Health regulations, including, checking the state sex offender registry prior to hiring staff; maintaining minimum staff-to-child ratios; hiring medical personnel; or reporting injuries or illnesses to the Department of Health."

If you have any concerns or questions:

  1. For questions about camp programming, enrollment, scholarships, before and after camp supervision, and accommodations for youth with disabilities, contact the director of the camp or program. 
  2. For questions regarding safety or regulations for permitted camps, contact the NYS Attorney General’s Office, 1-800-771-7755 or Kate Walker at the County's Environmental Health Division,, 607-274-6688. 
  3. For questions about camps operated by school-aged child care programs (SACCs), contact the Child Development Council at 607-273-0259.
  4. For parents who receive public assistance, contact the Department of Social Services regarding subsidized fees for 2024 camps, contact: Carrie Baylor @ 607-274-5221.


The content was prepared as a public service by the Tompkins County Youth Services Department.  The Department receives tax support from Tompkins County and the New York State Office of Children and Family Services.  


Enjoy and have a safe and healthy summer!


This map application was developed by Jenna Smith, Tompkins Cortland Community College (TC3) Class of 2024