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Tompkins Ready - Pets and Livestock


As a pet owner, you have the responsibility to do emergency planning and preparedness for your pets as well as for yourself and your family.

  • Microchip your pet

  • Keep a collar and a tag with your telephone number on all cats and dogs

  • Plan a Pet-friendly Place to Stay In Tompkins County

  • Use a buddy system … identify a friend or neighbor who knows your pet and could help if you are not home

  • Identify emergency veterinary services outside your area

  • Plan for temporary confinement

  • Prepare an emergency kit for each animal … include a picture of you with your pet for identification purposes or for posting missing posters

  5 Animal Disaster Preparedness Essentials

  Pet and Animal Emergency Planning


Large animals and livestock need extra planning in disasters because of their shelter and transportation needs.

  • Decisions about evacuation or “sheltering in place”

  • Barn fires are the most common emergencies … prevention is key

  • Farm disaster kit … what supplies do you need to have on hand

  • Identify emergency power and water sources

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  How to Develop a Disaster Management Plan for Livestock 


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