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Personnel Contracts/Salary Scales


BLUE COLLAR, Civil Service Employees Association, Local 855, AFSCME

2024-2026 Blue Collar Contract with Salary Scales

2024-2026 Blue Collar MOA

2024 Blue Collar Salary Scale

2025 Blue Collar Salary Scale

2026 Blue Collar Salary Scale

2024 Holiday Schedule

ROAD PATROL Deputy Sheriffs' and Clerical Staff, EUTCSE

2004-2025 Contract with Salary Scales (Searchable)

2024-2026 Updated Salary Scales eff. 07/01/2024

MOA - Juneteenth

MOA - Wage Market Adjustment eff. 07/01/2024

2023 Civil Division Holiday Schedule

2024 Civil Division Holiday Schedule

2025 Civil Division Holiday Schedule

2023 Road Patrol Holiday Schedule

2024 Road Patrol Holiday Schedule

2025 Road Patrol Holiday Schedule

2016 is the most current Road Patrol salary scale available. Mediation, Fact Finding and/or Interest Arbitration continues.


2015 - 2017 CONTRACT

MOA -Shift Bids/Seniority

MOA - Juneteenth

2017 Salary Scale

2024 Corrections Holiday Schedule


Administrative Policies 03-01 and 04-06. The Administrative Policies that govern salaries and fringe benefits for Management employees are periodically revised by Administration as the needs of the service require. These employees have no union representation or contract. Resolution 2018-63 dated March 20, 2018, provides for salary increases for 2018, 2019 and 2020.

2023 Salary Scale

2024 Holiday Schedule 


Per Resolution 77 of 2007 the salaries and fringe benefits for Confidential employees follows the White Collar Contract.  These employees have no union representation or contract. 

2023 Salary Scale

2023 Holiday Schedule

2023 Compensation Analysis Results

White Collar

Blue Collar

Road Patrol