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Children’s Single Point of Access (C-SPOA)

988 crisis line logoCrisis Support
Dial 9-8-8. If there is imminent danger to anyone, dial 9-1-1
Additional emergency contacts and services
Sally Manning, Tompkins County C-SPOA Coordinator
Sally Manning, C-SPOA Coordinator

The Tompkins County Coordinator for Children’s Single Point of Access (C-SPOA) provides information and support to families when they have questions or experience challenges in supporting a child or youth with emotional or behavioral health concerns.  This support occurs regardless of financial resources or insurance status.

The C-SPOA Coordinator offers consultation and guidance to families and community providers relating to the continuum of mental health services.  They connect and consult with families and referral sources when youth need more supports and services at home, school and in the community that arise as a result of significant mental health challenges. Their mission is in-home, person-centered recovery, but can assist with and process referrals for out of home treatment.

There is no wrong call to the Children’s SPOA! Families, schools, therapists, physicians and other community residents and providers can reach out for more information about supporting youth who are experiencing emotional/ mental health and/or behavioral challenges.  If you aren't sure whether or not your child or a child you serve may benefit from additional mental health supports, please reach out to the C-SPOA Coordinator, Sally Manning at 607-592-0992 or email

Who can be referred to Children’s SPOA?

  • Child/Youth experiencing behavioral or emotional challenge.
  • Child/Youth needing help coping with traumatic experiences.
  • Child/Youth with substance abuse concerns.
  • Child/Family struggling to identify services or what to do when crisis situations come up.
  • Ages 0-21 years.

Who can make a referral?

  • Anyone, including the family, can make a referral.

Steps to making a referral

  • For basic support, complete these forms
  • For residential treatment or community residence, complete these forms
  • If you need help or have any questions about this process or your particular issue, please contact Sally Manning

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