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> COVID19 Local Data

2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Local Data

THE HEALTH AND WELL-BEING of our community is our top priority. Tompkins County Health Department (TCHD) is working closely with community partners to prevent and respond to the evolving novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

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Data Reporting

The daily update, which is reported in the morning, is data from the previous day. 

FAQ: What is the difference between the number of deaths reported by TCHD and by NYS? Click here

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Data History & Trends

Trend graphs over time are shown below. Mouse over or tap lines to show data points.

Click here to open this graph in a new tab. Daily updates may lag. 

Click here to open this graph in a new tab. Daily updates may lag. See the data spreadsheet for up-to-date numbers.  

Click here to open this graph in a new tab. Daily updates may lag.

Click here to open this graph in a new tab. Daily updates may lag.

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Source of COVID-19 Exposure 

The following graphs show the source of exposure for Tompkins County residents who contracted COVID-19, as determined through contract tracing. The source of the virus is from a known positive case is marked "YES," and exposures that cannot be traced directly to a known positive case is marked "NO". These unknown (No) source suggests community spread. Many cases from one or more known sources may suggest a cluster. Data reporting reflects the date the testing results were received. These data are updated weekly. Data point dates are the end of the reporting week (Tuesdays).

Click here to open this graph in a new tab. Updates weekly.

Click here to open this graph in a new tab. Updates weekly.

Click here to open this graph in a new tab. Updates weekly.

COVID-19 Vaccinations

The graph shows two sets of grand totals:

  • the total number of first and second dose vaccinations administered by Cayuga Health System in partnership with the Tompkins County Health Department, from January 29, 2021 to the present.
  • the total number of vaccinations reported by New York State Vaccine Tracker for Tompkins County residents, from March 31, 2021 to the present.

Click here to open this graph in a new tab. Updates may lag.

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Breakdown Vaccinated Individuals in Tompkins County

Updated demographic information is provided to the Tompkins County Legislature monthly, as part of the County COVID Response Timeline. Click the images below to open a larger image in a new tab. 

COVID-19 Vaccinations, Individuals with one dose or more, Tompkins County, through 4/5/21. N=44,688.

  •   Age Distribution
    Image of a bar graph: Age
  •   Race Distribution
    Image of a bar graph Race
  •   Ethnicity Distribution
    Image of a bar graph Ethnicity


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Daily Data for Covid-19 Explained
Where the data comes from and how the numbers are calculated

Information about updated data reporting is posted at the top of this page.

Image of the daily numbers table explainer
Click the image to open a larger image
Click here to open and download a PDF of this graphic
Or review the explanations in the outline below.

TCHD: Tompkins County Health Department  |  CHS: Cayuga Health System
ECLRS: Electronic Clinical Laboratory Report System (NYSDOH)

(Updated: February 5, 2021)

Total Tests for COVID-19

Total tests for Tompkins County residents. All higher education testing data to date is included in the Health Department’s daily update.

Daily Tests

Daily tests are positive and negative test results from ECLRS, the Electronic Clinical Laboratory Report System at the NYSDOH. The number reported here is for the previous day.

New Positive Cases

TCHD reports new unique positive cases daily based on a secure State system. TCHD nurses follow-up with any individual who has a positive test result and conducts a contact investigation

Total Unique Positive Cases

This is a cumulative number of unique positive cases since 3/14/2020. It includes active cases and those who have been released from isolation.

Released from Isolation

TCHD nurses report this number based on individuals who tested positive, have resolved symptoms, and are released from isolation.

Active Cases

Calculated as the total number of positive cases minus the totals of both released cases and deaths.

Active COVID-19 Hospitalizations

CHS reports all COVID-related hospitalizations daily to TCHD. TCHD then reports active COVID-19 patients — those being monitored during the isolation period. Patients who are released from isolation, but are still recovering in the hospital are not included in this number. CHD reports all COVID-related hospitalizations on their website

Total TC Resident Deaths

The Medical Examiner reports this information to TCHD. As of 1/25/21, TCHD is no longer reporting non-resident deaths. The counties of residence report these deaths.

The difference between "death data" reported by NYS and by TCHD is due to several issues. The State is likely reporting deaths of anyone who dies in Tompkins County regardless of their permanent address, whereas TCHD is reporting deaths of Tompkins County residents only. We are basing our reporting on death certificates, however we do not receive notification of deaths of residents who are not in Tompkins County at the time of death.

Total Vaccinations (1st and 2nd doses)

COVID-19 vaccinations are reported by Cayuga Health System. The totals are vaccinations administered at the Cayuga Health/TCHD Vaccination site and at Cayuga Medical Center only.

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