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TCCOG Actions/Resolutions

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Tompkins County Council of Governments
c/o Michelle Cocco
Governor Daniel D. Tompkins Building
121 E. Court Street
Ithaca, New York 14850
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TCCOG Actions/Resolutions

Res. No. 001-2019 Resolution Stating Opposition to Governor's Budget Eliminating AIM (Aid and Incentives to Municipalities) Funding
Res. No. 002-2019 - Urging United States Congress to Pass the Energy Innovation and Carbon Divdend Act (H.R. 763)
Res. No. 003-2019 - Resolution of the Tompkins County Council of Governments in Suport of New York State Assembly and Senate Bills to Establish a Process for the Adoption of an Environmental Bill of Rights
Res. No. 004-2019 - Include Volunteer Fire and Emergency Medical Service Companies to Participate in the TC3 Training Academy
Res. No. 005-2019 - Endorsement of Letter Requesting Staff to Coordinate Water Quality Efforts throughout the County
MOTION 001-2019 - Endorse Tompkins County Area Transit's Funding Proposal Under the Low or No Emission Grant Program (Low-No) As Part of Efforts to Transition to Transition to an Electric Fleet

MOTION 001-2018 - Appointments to Emergency Response Oversight Committee
MOTION 002-2018 - Endorse Proposal to Suspend Local Board of Assessment Review as Presented by Jay Franklin
Res. No. 001-2017 Resolution Establishing a TCCOG Community Choice Aggregation Advisory Committee  
                                  Template Resolution for Municipalities 

OTION 001-2017 - Support of TCCOG's Participation in Emergency Response Oversight Committee
MOTION 002-2017 - Election of 2018 Leadership
Res. No. 001-2016 - Resolution Calling on Governor Cuomo and the New York State Legislature to Raise the Minimum Wage to $15/Hour Statewide
Res. No. 002-2016 - Resolution Urging the New York State Public Service Commission to Allow Customers to Retain Ownership of Renewable Energy Credits from NYSERDA Funded Projects
Res. No. 003-2016 - Resolution in Support of Tompkins Consolidated Area Transit, Inc.
Res. No. 004-2016 - Resolution to Establish TCCOG Emergency Medical Services Task Force
Res. No. 005-2015 - Appropriation from TCCOG Reserve Fund to Support the Tompkins County Housing Summit
Res. No. 006-2016 - Approval of Updated Tompkins County Council of Governments Bylaws
es. No. 007-2016 - Accepting and Adopting the Report of the Tompkins County Municipal Courts Task Force and Thanking its Members for their Service
Res. No. 008-2016Establishment of TCCOG Energy Task Force (ID #6746)
Motion 001-2016 - Continue to Support the Community Dispute Resolution Center Facilitating Effective Participation in Public Meeting Trainings (1/28/2016)
Motion 002-2016 - Approval to Sponsor a Forum for Elected Officials to Learn about a Constitutional Convention
Motion 003-2016 - Create Energy Task Force
Motion 004-2016Appointment of Members to the Emergency Services Task Force
Motion 005-2016
Appoint TCCOG Representative to TCAT Transit Services Committee
Motion 006-2016 - Selection of TCCOG 2017 Leadership
Res. No. 001-2015 - Recommendaing a Panel Undertake a Study of the Town and Village Court System Within Tompkins County for the Purpose of Assessing Potential Organizational Realignments That May Result in Cost or Qualitative Improvements
Res. No. 002-2015 - Resolution of the Tompkins County Council of Governments Declaring Freedom from Domestic Violence as a Human Right
Res. No. 003-2015 - Resolution in Support of Grant Application to Create a Web-based Mapping System as Part of the Trails Mapping Project
Res. No. 004-2015 - Reaffirming Support for a Single-Payer Approach to Controlling Health Care Costs and Ensuring Everyone is Covered and Uring the New  York State Assembly and Senate to Enact the New York Health Act A5062 (Gottfried/S.3525 (Perkins)
Res. No. 005-2015 - Endorsing the Development and Submission of a Single, Countywide Government Efficiency Plan, Establishing Tompkins County as Lead Entity in the Development of the Plan, and Encouraging all Local Governments within Tompkins County to be Signatories to the Countywide Plan
Motion No. 001-2015 -  Approve Selection of the Municipal Court Study Panel to the Shared Services Group
Motion No. 002-2015 - Authorization for Co-Chairs to Sign Letter Expressing Opposition to the Proposed Merger of Time Warner Cable with Charter Communications
Motion No. 003-2015 - Acceptance of Invitation by TCAT Executive Committee to Provide TCCOG with a Voting Seat on the Transit Services Committee
  • Res. No.  001-2014 - Resolution in Support of Forming a County-Wide Task Force to Assist Municipalities in Researching, Prioritizing and Addressing Sustainability Issues
  • Res. No. 002-2014 - Urging State Leadership to Rescing Look-Back Period Associated with the Property Tax Freeze Legislation
  • Motion 001-2014 - Approval of funding for videotaping Public Forum on the New York State Energy Plan to be held on March 5, 2014
    Motion 002-2014 -
    Approval of Request for Sponsorship and Videotaping by Chris McConkey - Energy Plan Forum to be held at the Unitarian Church on held March 23, 2014
    Motion 003-2014 -  
    Authorize the Chair of TCCOG to send a letter to Comcast objecting to the merger of Time Warner Cable with Comcast until franchise agreements have been signed by Time Warner Cable
    Motion 004-2014 - Reappointment of Ric Dietrich to Tompkins County Emergency Planning Committee
  • Res. No. 001 - Support of a Moratorium and Support of Assembly Bill A5424A and Senate Bill S04236A Requiring Completion of a Comprehensive Health Impact Assessment
  • Res. No. 002 - Supporting NYS Bills A1046 and S00674 Calling for Uniform Treatment of Hazardous Wastes
  • Motion 001-2013 - Approval to Sponsor April 16, 2013 Presentation enttiled "The Effect of Gas Drilling Human and Animal Health"
  • Motion 002-2013 - Approve funding in the amount of $250 for video taping of the April 16, 2013, presentation at the Unitarian Church on "Impacts of Gas Drilling on Human & Animal Health"
  • Motion 003-2013 -  Approve funding in the amount of $300 for videotaping of the October 30, 2013, presentation about the potential for the recovery of gas from Marcellus and Utica Shale
  • Res. No. 001 - Resolution Urging the Governor and the New York State Legislature to Develop a Blend of Revenue Streams and Other Taxation of Natural Gas Extraction and to Establish an accurate, Transparent, and Verifiable Method of Measuring and Reporting Shale Gas Production
  • Res. No. 002 - Supporting Passage and Enactment of New York State Senate Bill S4616 (Avella)/New York State Assembly Bill A7013 (Sweeney), to Amend the New York State Environmental Conservation Law in Relation to the Uniform Treatment of Waste
  • Motion 001-2012 - Approval of Payment at Road Preservation Forum
  • Res. No. 003 - Authorization to Join the Environmental Working Group as Signatory on Letter to the U.S. Consumer Protection Bureau Relating to the Impact of Oil and Gas Leases on Property Values and Mortgages
  • Res. No. 004 - Support of the Tompkins County Legislature's Ban on the Use of Hydrofracking By-Product Bring on County Roads and Property 
  • Res. No. 005 - Requesting an Extension of Time for Review of the Revised Regulations for High Volume Hydraulic Fracturing
  • Motion 002-2012- Appropriate $250 from the Tompkins County Council of Governments Reserve Fund to offset funds of Public Information Meeting to help public and municipalities understand areas of concern within the new hydrofracking regulations
  • Res. No. 001 - Urging New York State to Significantly Cut the Unfunded Mandates that Cause Local Property Tax Increases Before Imposing a Property Tax Cap
  • Motion 001: Approve Gas Drilling Task Force Sponsor Cornell Law School Energy Conference
  • Motion 002: Authorize Don Barber, Co-Chair, to sign letter concerning Tompkins County Comprehensive Plan Five-Year Implementation Plan Update (view letter
  • Motion 003: Authorize Don Barber, Co-Chair, to sign letter to Commissioner Joe Martens, NYSDEC, regarding public comment period for the revised draft SGEIS on the Oil, Gas and Solution Mining Regulatory Program for the Marcellus Shale Gas Drilling (view letter)
  • Res. No. 002 - Resolution to Commission a Land Use Analysis and Impact Assessment Project (see also Res. No. 003 of 2011)
  • Res. No. 003 - Appropriation from TCCOG Reserve Fund - Land Use Analysis and Impact Asessment Project
  • Motion 004: Move forward with placing the resolution entitled “Resolution to Fund a Public Hearing on the Revised dSGEIS on the next agenda with a proposed amount of $1,000
  • Res. No. 004 - Resolution to Appropriate Funds from TCCOG Reserve Fund for a Public Hearing on the Revised Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Statement 
  • Motion 005: Establish Date of the Public Hearing on the Revised Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Statement 
  • Motion 006: Approve $250 as the Voluntary Contribution to the funding reserve for the Tompkins County Council of Governments (TCCOG) for 2012 
  • Res. No. 001 - Resolution by the Tompkins County Council of Governments to Accept the County-wide Intermunicipal Water and Sewer Feasibility Study
  • Res. No. 002 - Resolution in Support of Convening a County-Wide Task Force to Assist Municipalities in Preparing for Drilling Activities Associated with Extraction of Gas from the Marcellus Shale adopted at the April 22, 2010 meeting.
  • Motion: To Authorize the Chair to sign a retainer agreement concerning legal servces for cell towers with Silverberg Zalantis the expectation that the cost per municipality would be under $1,500.  
  • Res. No. 003 - Resolution to Establish a TCCOG Funding Reserve
  • Appointment: Ric Dietrich to the Emergency Planning Committee as the TCCOG representative
  • Res. No. 001 - The Tompkins County Council of Governments' Support of the Greater Tompkins County Health Insurance Consortium Developed with Assistance of a New York Shared Municipal Services Program GrantSample resolution for municipalities 
  • Res. No. 002 - Support of the Council of Governments' Appointment of Interim Chair for the Greater Tompkins County Health Insurance Consortium
  • Res. No. 003 - Approval of Becoming a Member of the Finger Lakes Environentally Preferred Procurement Consortium (FLEPPC)
  • Res. No. 004 - Recommending Agreement for Third Party Administrator for Health Insurance - Tompkins Ccounty Health Insurance Consortium
  • Appointment: Glen Morey as the Tompkins County Council of Governments representative to the Environmentally Preferred Procurement Consortium
  • Res. No. 005 - In Support of New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) Reasonable Access Highway Regulation (Amendment of Part 80000 of Title 17 of the Codes, Rules, and Regulations of the State of New York) 
  • Appointment: Recommendation that Cindy Schulte continue to represent municipal government on the Water Resources Council 
  • Motion:To Direct Chair to request extension of Comment Period for dSGEIS
  • Res. No. 006 - Comments to New York State Department of Environmental Conservation on Draft Supplmental GEIS 
  • Res. No. 001 - Shared Municipal Services Incentive Health Benefits Grant – Legal Counsel Consulting Services for TCCOG
  • Res. No. 002 - Acceptance of Grant and Endorsement of Memorandum of Understanding by Tompkins County Council of Governments - Water and Sewer Infrastructure (Version for municipalities to consider)
  • Res. No. 003 - Accepting Formula for Dog Control Expenses
  • Res. No. 004 - Calling on the Governor and State Legislature to End the Practice of Passing Costs for the State Programs to Local and County Governments
  • Res. No. 001- In Support of Changing the County Fire Advisory Board Bylaws to Modify Membership
  • Res. No. 002 - Supporting Measures to Keep Long Haul Trucks on Interstate Highways in Upstate New York, as Proposed by Senator Charles E. Schumer
  • Motion:   To allow Tompkins County to send out RFQ on SMSI Grant - Health Insurance Benefits
  • Res. No. 003 - Support of an Infrastructure Study Conducted by Tompkins County Area Development 
  • Res. No. 004 - Selection of SMSI Consultant