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Tompkins County Council of Governments "TCCOG"

District mapWelcome!

TCCOG is an association of local governments organized to provide a forum for discussion and negotiation leading to agreements for more efficient and fiscally responsible delivery of government services. The goals include: expanding cooperation among taxing entities and resolving duplication of services, improving communication among local governments in Tompkins County and improving involvement with School Districts.




Joel Gagnon, Co-Chair
Rordan Hart, Co-Chair
Dan Lamb, Vice Chair



  - Energy:  Rod Howe, Chair; Joanne James, Ronny Hardaway, Joel Gagnon, Heather McCarty, Irene Weiser, Terry Carroll, Marc Devokaitis, David Gower, Deborah Dawson, Peter Bardaglio, Nick Goldsmith, Donna Fleming, Brian Eden, Seph Murtagh

  - Transportation:  Robert Lynch, Chair; Bill Goodman, Betty Conger, Gary Ferguson

  - Water Quality:  George McGonigal, Chair; Tee Ann Hunter; Liz Thomas, Joe Wetmore, Mike Murphy

  - Emergency Response and Planning: Mark Witmer, Chair; Rordan Hart, Irene Weiser, Dan Lamb, Justin Vann, Jessica Verfuss