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Tompkins County Local Antidiscrimination Laws

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> Tompkins County Local Antidiscrimination Laws

Tompkins County Local Antidiscrimination Laws

Existing Local Laws

Tompkins County Code Chapter 92: Antidiscrimination

Promulgated in 2004, this local law provides protections to residents based on sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression in the areas of housing, commercial space, lending, employment, education, and places of public accommodation.  

Proposed Local Laws

Comprehensive Antidiscrimination Law (Draft)

The Tompkins County Office of Human Rights (OHR) has drafted a local antidiscrimination law that would increase the local protections afforded to County residents to include: race, color, sex, national origin, religion, creed, age, prior conviction or arrest, disability, familial status, military status (employment), genetic disposition (employment), domestic violence victim status, marital status (housing), source of income discrimination (housing), and ban-the-box (private employment).

Actions Date
Provided to County Administrator June 2015
Provided to Legislature June 2015
Provided to Health and Human Services Committee October 2016


Source of Income Discrimination Law (Draft)

Presently, a housing provider in Tompkins County may refuse to rent to a tenant based on their source of income (e.g. Section 8, public subsidy, and etc.).  The Tompkins County Office of Human Rights (OHR) has proposed a standalone Source of Income Antidiscrimination Law which would end this form of discrimination. 

Actions Date
Joined Statewide Source of Income Coalition  
Discussion with Legislature September 2016
Health and Human Services Committee Meeting October 2016
Discussion with PEDC of Common Council April 2017
Health and Human Services Committee Meeting June 2017
Health and Human Services Committee Meeting July 2017

2017 Source of Income Discrimination Intake Data

2017 Continuum of Care Landlord Survey Data

"Please Accept My HCV" - Poster

"Source of Income Protection FAQ" - Pamphlet

"Source of Income Discrimination" - Pamphet


Ban-the-Box (private employment)

Across New York State, Ban-the-Box is a movement to seal the loophole in the New York State Antidiscrimination Law, which would delay an employer from asking a prospective employee about their prior criminal convictions and arrests until a conditional job offer has been made.  Research compiled by the National Employment Law Project (NELP) demonstrates that adopting this local law can have the following outcomes: 1) Removing Job Barriers for People with Records Helps the Economy; 2) Employing the Formerly Incarcerated Improves Public Safety; 3) Children and Families Suffer When People with Records Can’t Work; 4) Fair-Chance Policies Help People with Records Get Jobs; 5) Employers Find Valued Workers; and 6) Fair-Chance Policies Have Proven Effective.  NELP also provides a model ordinance and resolution which includes private employment.  OHR has also provided a simplied version of the law in a Fair Chance Flyer.