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Services & Fees !

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Tompkins County GIS take pride in serving our community and most of our data and maps are for free. However, we understand that sometimes you may need a special map or dataset to support your own projects. We are available to help! Please be aware that there is a fee for custom work, project assistance, consultations (RFPS, Grants, GIS Applications), data production, and creating maps that are not in the map library. We can print up to 11"x 17" (tabloid). The Planning Department has the ability to print up to 36" x 48." Feel free to contact them for anything larger that 11" x 17" or use one of the local printshops (Staples, Kinkos, Gnomon Copy). Below is the breakdown of the latest fee structure.

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Current Fee Structure By Organization

Organization Type Work Fee
Tompkins County Department (Non-Billable)

Digital Data Distribution 

No charge
  Existing Hard Copy Map No charge
  Custom Work* No charge
  Special Project To be negotiated
Public or Not-for-Profit Agency (including Municipalities) Digital Data Distribution No charge*
  Existing Hard Copy Map Standard map cost*
  Custom Work/Consultations* $30/hr
  Special Project To be negotiated
Private Organization/Individual Digital Data Distribution $60/hr *
  Existing Hard Copy Map Standard Map Cost*
  Custom Work/ Consultations $60/hr *



Fee Notes

  • *All Custom Work will require a written agreement (i.e. MOU or Contract) defining, at a minimum, the scope of work, project costs, payment schedule, and deliverables.
  • *If mailing is requested, a client should provide a FedEx or UPS billing account number. If digital data is requested, a client may supply a write-able CD, DVD, Flash drive or Hard drive otherwise a minimum fee of $10.00 will be charged.
  • *All requests for spatial data that are billable must be submitted in writing.


Standard Printing Costs

Please note that the GIS Division no longer print maps fo the public. To obtain a printed map you may contact the Planning Department or one of the local print shops to print maps. Please note that printing cost may vary so please call ahead.



Definitions- Please be aware of the following when placing orders for maps and data at Tompkins County.

Custom Data Production: The development of custom digital maps and/or databases requiring manipulation of existing data. Custom data production work will only be undertaken if staff time is available.

Digital Data: Spatial data, databases, or other forms of geo-referenced digital files that can be used to create spatially referenced maps. Also, digital versions of hardcopy maps.

Digital Data Distribution: Public domain data will be distributed free of charge to any county department, public organization or Not-for-Profit organization. Private organizations and individuals will be charged $48.00/hour for all staff time required to convert file formats and ftp, or copy the data to a digital storage media. Tompkins County will not re-distribute data produced by other organizations.

Existing Hard Copy Maps: A map that is available as a hard copy or can easily be printed from digital data (i.e. it does not require any editing).

Public and Non-Profit Organization: Publicly funded organizations and Not-for-Profit organizations that serve residents of Tompkins County.

Special Projects: The development of custom digital maps and/or databases requiring the development and manipulation of new data.

To Be Negotiated: Special project costs will be determined by the project scope and requested deliverables. Services and/or data exchange may be an acceptable form of remuneration for special project costs. For example, a county department, public or Not-for-Profit organization could be provided with a custom map/database free of charge, in return for a copy of any value-added maps/databases generated from the original county data.

Priority Policy: When multiple requests for spatial data are received from different organizations in the same time period staff will respond to requests in the following order:

  1. County Departments
  2. Public or Non-Profit Organizations
  3. Private Organizations or Individuals

Turn-around Times: For existing hard copy maps clients should expect a two-day turn-around time. For custom data production clients should expect a turn-around time of approximately 10 days to two weeks. Turn-around times will vary depending on the number of requests currently being responded to by county staff and on a client organization’s priority status.