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Maps-Library Historic!

The following historical maps are available for free download. We can also print these maps for you for a printing fee. You will need Adobe Acrobat Readerpdf link to Open and Print these maps. Remember to "fit to printable area." Printer

Old MapInterested in More Historical Images of Tompkins County? Have a look at the Bill Hecht Collection of Scanned Images of Tompkins County


Image Name Author Year Size Comment
Lithograph small Ithaca, NY link to pdf L.R. Burleigh 1882 498K Part of an old lithograph
Indian Episode small Indian Episodes of NYS link to pdf Arthur c. Parker, Mrs. Walter Hinricks 1935 2.09 MB Map of important Native American areas and events in New York State.
Old Cornell Small Campus of Cornell Universitylink to pdf Ellen Edmonson 1928 1.07 MB School slogans and limerics borders this interesting map of Cornell.
Old County Small Map of Tompkins County link to pdf WM. A Munger 1941 635K This map shows all towns, incorporations, and locality centers of the time.

 Want more historical images of Tompkins County? Check out Bill Hecht's Scanned Images of Tompkins County.


The following maps are from the collection of the History Center external link in Tompkins County, Ithaca, New York. Any unauthorized reproduction is strictly prohibited. Please contact the History Center for authorization to print (please note there is a reproduction fee).

Image Name Author Year Size Comment
Ithaca Bird's Eye Ithaca Bird's Eye View link to pdf   1873 2.9 MB  
Ithaca Bird's Eye 1882 Ithaca Bird's Eye View 1882 link to pdf   1882 3.0 MB  
Bryant Park Bryant Park link to pdf   1911 521 KB  
City 1896 City of Ithaca link to pdf   1896 401 KB  
Colton's Railroad Colton's Railroad, New York link to pdf   1852 1.71 MB  
Ithaca lithorgraph Ithaca Lithograph link to pdf S. Currier Lithography   997 KB  
Ithaca 1840 Ithaca link to pdf   1840 215 KB  
Ithaca Athens Rail Ithaca and Athens Railroad link to pdf     616 KB  
Ithaca Manuscript Ithaca Manuscript Map link to pdf     1.8 MB  
Lake View cemetery Lake View Cemetery link to pdf     288 KB  
Turnpike Lansing & Ludlowville Turnpike link to pdf   1894 434 KB Hand drawn, hand painted map of proposed turnpike site.
NYS 1796 New York State link to pdf   1796 480 KB  
Northern Pacific Rail Nothern Pacific Railway link to pdf     1.5 MB  
Tompkins County 1829 Tompkins County 1829 link to pdf  David Burr 1829 2.25 MB
Tompkins 1903 Tompkins County 1903 link to pdf   1903 1.4 MB  
Tompkins 1905 Tompkins County 1905 link to pdf   1905 136 KB  
Tompkins County School Tompkins County School Districts link to pdf   1935 1.7 MB  
Tompkins County Child Gazette Tompkins County Child Gazeteer Map link to pdf     1.3 MB  
TC Soil Tompkins County Soil Maplink to pdf     1.3 MB  
Ulysses Town of Ulysses link to pdf     1.2 MB