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Department of Social Services

The Department of Social Services is responsible for providing benefits and services to sustain families and individuals and to assist them in achieving independence.



SNAP ABAWD work requirements Hotline:  274-5202

New Federal work requirements will go into effect next year for recipients of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, formerly Food Stamps). 

If you are a Tompkins County resident and have received a letter from New York State concerning your SNAP benefits as an ABAWD (Able-Bodied Adult Without Dependents), and have questions or concerns, please call 274-5202 for assistance.

Adult Protective Services
Protective Services for Adults - 274-5323 or 274-5369. Investigates reports of abuse/neglect of adults, provides financial management, case management, and legal interventions necessary for the protection of at-risk adults. Also a member of the Tompkins County Hoarding Task Force.

 Child Abuse Emergency Number
1-800-342-3720 (toll-free, 24 hours/day)

Child Protective Services
274-5610 CPS responds to reports of child abuse and maltreatment with an assessment or investigation and provides protective/preventive services to families and children.
Catholic Charities Community Connections program provides help & support for parents going through the CPS process and or who have had their children placed in foster care, 272-5062 extension 28.

Child Support Services
Child Support Unit - 1-888-208-4485 Receives and disburses child support payments, assists custodial parents in the establishment of paternity for children born out of wedlock and in obtaining court ordered child support, enforces child support orders by collection methods including income executions against absent parents wages and unemployment benefits and seizure of income tax refunds and lottery winnings.

Day Care Payment Assistance
Provider Registration, Inspections, and Complaints – 273-0259. Day Care and Child Development Council of Tompkins County
Eligibility and Billing - 274-5237
Subsidized day care for children of low-income families and children placed with working foster parents.

Dental Care Assistance

Dental Care – 274-5692. This program assists Medicaid recipients who need dental care to access those services. Case managers work with clients and dentist’s offices, identifying and addressing transportation, language, and other barriers to making and keeping appointments.

Emergency Services
Housing Assistance - 274-5644
Domestic Violence - 274-5293

Financial and Emergency Assistance
Cash & Emergency Assistance - 274-5345; Appointments - 274-5348 Cash Assistance programs provide financial help to families and individuals as well as some emergency assistance. Income eligibility standards and benefit levels vary depending on the household situation.

Food Assistance (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program)
274-5201 Previously known as Food Stamps, the Federal SNAP program provides low-income households monthly benefits to purchase food. Income and resource standards vary according to age, health, household size and household expenditures.

Foster Care Homefinding, Adoption & Post Adoption Services
Foster Homefinding – 274-5266
Adoption/Post Adoption Services – 274-5615 & 274-5285.
Foster Care Services
provides recruitment and retention of qualified, caring families who are willing to provide temporary foster care and work with families toward reunification. Available for our certified foster families when children cannot return to their parents. Information, referral, and clinical support provided.

Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP)
274-5264 This Federal program helps low-income households meet the high costs of home energy.
Income and resource eligibility standards change annually.
A single annual benefit based on the household’s method of heating is provided.
Emergency assistance is also available.

Long Term Care Services
274-5222 Hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30-4:30.
Tompkins Care Connection provides information and referral about long term care and other services such as home delivered meals, respite, and home health care.
The program also provides in-home assessments, in-home aide service, and PRI (Patient Review Instrument) assessments to determine the level of care and type of skilled nursing facility most appropriate for the individual.

Medicaid Programs - Information - 274-5343
Applicant information- 274-5359
Medicaid Transportation - 1-866-753-4543
Medicaid Managed Care - 274-5667

Medicaid is an income-based assistance program for the medically indigent. Income and resource standards vary depending on age, health, household size, and certain household expenditures. Depending on the type of medical services sought, some applicants will not need to provide resource information; or they may be able to provide written attestation of their household’s resources. Medicaid coverage ranges from skilled nursing home care to routine medical care. Medicaid may pay for health insurance premiums including Medicare. Partial Medicaid coverage is available in some situations.

Mobility Program
Go to Provides information on local and regional transportation choices and consultations to help people improve their transportation choices, dependability, and cost. Detailed individual transportation plans created. Financial resources for work transportation.

Youth and Family Services
274-5627. Temporary placement in foster homes, group homes, or institutions for children who temporarily cannot live at home. Provides preventive services to families, and court diversion services for youth.