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Weights and Measures





The objective of the Tompkins County Weights and Measures Department is to ensure 'Equity in the Marketplace'.  We are mandated by the State of New York and are responsible for assuring measurement and pricing accuracy in the marketplace.  In accordance with Article 16 and related New York State Agriculture and Markets Law, the department promotes equity and fairness in all consumer transactions involving weight, measure, count or pricing.


Device Testing

At least once per year, all commercially used weighing and measuring devices are inspected and tested for both accuracy and proper operation. Certified weights and measuring devices (Standards) are used during these inspections in accordance with New York State Weights and Measures Law.

Weights and Measures officials visit stores, markets, warehouses, gas stations, marinas, manufacturing and other commercial establishments to test and verify the accuracy and proper use of weighing and measuring devices such as computing, pre-pack, hopper, prescription and vehicle scales, petroleum pumps and meters, linear measure devices and timing devices.

Fees are assessed for device testing and are used to offset the cost of operating this state-mandated program. The Weights and Measures Department is a Division of the Tompkins County Highway Department.


Inspection Seals

The next time you are in line at the grocery store or pumping gas at the gas station, take a minute to notice the date stamped on the blue or yellow Weights and Measures inspection seal. This seal indicates that the device has been inspected, tested, and is accurate. Most importantly, it guarantees that you are getting what you pay for.


Price Accuracy/Verification

In light of the nationwide price accuracy concerns TCWM is expanding its program to include Price Accuracy audits throughout Tompkins County.  We will be checking scanner systems for proper operation and ensures prices are properly entered and maintained as required by NYS Article 16-Section 197-b.   


Consumer Complaints

Weights and Measures responds to consumer complaints by investigation and testing of equipment in question as the occasion demands.