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Redistricting 2011

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Redistricting 2011

Tompkins County Charter and Code provides for the reapportionment of the Tompkins County Legislature:

Upon publication of the results of the federal decennial census for Tompkins County, the Tompkins County Legislature shall prepare a plan for reapportionment, which shall contain recommendations as to the number and geographical boundaries of the various districts from which members of the Tompkins County Legislature shall be nominated and elected at the primary and general election to be held in the year 2001. The Tompkins County Legislature shall approve a plan for reapportionment of such Legislature at least 30 days prior to the first date for circulation of designating petitions for nomination at the 2001 primary election of members of the Tompkins County Legislature. Such plan shall be termed the basis for nomination and election of the Tompkins County Legislature until the publication of the next decennial census, at which time the Tompkins County Legislature shall prepare a reapportionment plan.

The Tompkins County Legislature in planning such reapportionment shall appoint a committee on reapportionment to assist it in arriving at a plan of reapportionment.

The United States Federal Census was conducted in 2010, with the results available in early 2011. Pursuant to Section C-2.09 the Charter and Code, the Tompkins County Legislature appointed a committee on reapportionment via Resolution No. 2011-87 adopted on June 7, 2011.

Public Hearing Scheduled on Proposed Redistricting Local Law

The hearing will be held at the Tompkins County Legislature’s next meeting, August 21, beginning at 5:30 p.m., at Legislature Chambers, second floor or the County Courthouse, 320 N. Tioga Street, Ithaca.

Final Maps and Local Law

County-wide Map showing all Legislative Districts with Census Statistics: PDF 2.3 MB

Map Series showing individual Legislative Districts with Census Statistics: Color version PDF 59 MB  |  B/W version PDF 16.2 MB


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