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Communications & Public Information Office

A service of the County Legislature and Tompkins County Administration, Tompkins County Communications & Public Information informs the public about county government issues, actions, services, and programs. It also facilitates the incorporation of public input into decision-making – considering the public’s need to know, the need for public input, and information needed to educate citizens concerning County operations and services.

Information is conveyed to the public through live television, media releases, public meetings, and the County website.  Communications & Public Information provides programming for Government Access Channel 15 on the Spectrum cable system--including live cablecasts and multiple replays of every Legislature meeting.  Legislature meetings are also streamed live on the County website.

Meetings of the Tompkins County Legislature and its committees are streamed live to YouTube, visit the Tompkins County YouTube channel to view live and archived (through 2020) meetings and other video content. If technical difficulties arise with a video stream, contact Tompkins County Public Information

Live webcasts of Legislature meetings and video podcasts of meetings since November 2012 (with the capability to select video based on a specific agenda item) can be accessed through the Tompkins County Meeting Portal

View video and audio archive of Legislature meetings.

The County Communications Director is part of the community emergency response team, responsible for coordinating public information during a major disaster or emergency.


For further information you may contact:

Dominick Recckio, Communications Director

(See block at left for contact information