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Emergency Assistance

The Department of Social Services provides assistance to persons experiencing a range of emergency situations including but not limited to: domestic violence, homelessness, homeowner health and safety concerns, condemned property, fire, flood and other natural disasters. 

24-Hour Domestic Violence Hotline:        277-5500
24-Hour Homeless Emergency Hotline:   354-8990

During regular business hours (Mon-Fri, 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM) please contact Emergency Services at 274-5030.

Housing Resources

Emergency Shelter:  St. John's Community Services  354-8990

Food Resources

The Human Services Coalition's Food Resources web page contains information for:

Free Community Meals schedule
Food Pantries schedule
Home-delivered meals
Mobile food pantries

Furniture Resources:

  • Ithaca Freecycle - Subscribe to Yahoo email group listing items people are giving away FREE.
  • Craigslist for Ithaca - online for sale/free ads
  • Salvation Army - 381 Elmira Road sell used furniture at reasonable rates - WEDNESDAYs are 50% OFF
  • FInger Lakes ReUse - Two locations with furniture, household items and more at affordable prices. You can get referred for a free gift card and may be eligible for free delivery of items - they must receive a referral for you submitted by a human service agency you are working with.
  • Catholic Charities - 324 West Buffalo Street, Ithaca NY    272-5062  Occasionally receive donations of used furniture. Can provide blankets and sheets to individuals in need.  You can also be added to a will call list as items become available