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Tompkins County Seeks Nominations for Strength in Diversity Award

The Tompkins County Workforce Diversity and Inclusion Committee is seeking nominations for its second annual Leslyn McBean-Clairborne Strength in Diversity Award. The committee is asking the community to nominate individuals and organizations that excel in the areas of diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice.

More information about the award and its criteria can be found here. Nominations are due by November 13, 2023 and can be made at this online form or via printed copies of the form available at local libraries (PDF).

Legislator and Chair of the Workforce Diversity and Inclusion Committee Veronica Pillar commented, “Please consider nominating someone in the community who shares the Legislature’s values and commitment to diversity. We have so many amazing Tompkins County residents and organizations who are committed to equity and social justice. I believe that the County and WDIC should be uplifting the best work in our community as examples of what we all can do to find strength in diversity.”

Founding member of WDIC, former Chairwoman of the Tompkins County Legislator and inaugural recipient of the award in 2022, Dr. Leslyn McBean-Clairborne stated, “It is a true honor to share the name of this award. I cannot wait to see who is nominated for this year’s award and to celebrate the recipients. We have such a rich history of fighting for equity in Tompkins County, and we’ve learned from lifetimes of first-hand experience that there is true strength in diversity, in both our organization and the wider community.”

The Tompkins County Legislature established the Workforce Diversity and Inclusion Committee (WDIC) in January 2005 to advise the Tompkins County government on ways to develop, sustain, and preserve a rich culture of diversity and inclusion within the organization. This committee – composed of staff, legislators, and community members – has worked since then to help the County adopt a diversity statement and diversity policy guidelines among other operational documents, such as the recruitment resource guide.

Tompkins County Diversity Statement

"Tompkins County Government centers diversity, equity, and inclusion. We are committed to the empowerment of employees and residents to dismantle systemic barriers that inhibit inclusive governance and the provision of government services to all."