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Land Recording

The County Clerk is the registrar of deeds, mortgages, satisfactions of mortgages, judgments and liens.  A search of land records can be done at the Clerk's Office in person or you can call, or email.  Please be as specific as possible when requesting a search.

If the Clerk's Office performs the search it is a $5.00 per name for land records back to 1968.  For land record searches prior to 1968 it is $5 for every two years per name.  Copies are $0.65 per page, $1.30 minimum.  The fee to certify a document is an additional $5.00.

The County Clerk's office accepts cash or check for payment.



Tompkins County Mortgage Tax 1%
If the mortgage is over $10,000 and is a one or two family dwelling there is a $25.00 deduction.  It must be clearly stated on the mortgage that it is a one-or-two family dwelling to claim the exemption
First Page $50
Each Additional Page $5
Mortgage Tax Affidavit (one original) $5
Notations, if requested, please clearly write notations on the back of the document $0.50 each
First Page $50
Each Additional Page $5
Each Additional Mortgage being assigned $3.50 each
First Page $50
Each Additional Page $5
Each Additional New Money Mortgage being discharged on the same document Double the fee of the first
Each Additional Mortgage without new money i.e. CEMA, Mod $0.50 per notation


First Page (includes cover page) $50
Each Additional Page $5
Transfer Tax $6/per $1000
Deed Notice - for all residential deeds recorded on or after 03/11/2020 $10/per deed
TP-584 $5
RP-5217 (we no longer carry this form in our office, please download using the link to the left) * $125/$250
RP-5217 - If one of the following boxes is checked: 7A, 7B, 7E or both 7G AND box 8 or if the property class code in item 18 is 100 through 199; or 200 through 299; or 411-C $125
RP-5217 - If none of the above apply $250
Out of State Sellers - NYS Requires an IT-2663 be filled out.  For more information on the IT-2663 please click here.  NYS changes the IT-2663 every year, please make sure the form you printed is for the current year.

*What fee do I pay when there are two parcels with different property class codes on one RP-5217?  The fee would be which ever parcel has the higher assessed value.  For example: One parcel is a property class 210 (Single Family dwelling) and parcel is a property class code 311 (Vacant Land) - the 210 is assessed at $150,000 and the 311 is assessed at $25,000.  The fee for the RP would be $125 because the 210 parcel has a higher assessed value.

We are accepting E-Recordings!

Printable - Schedule of Fees

E-Recording Information 

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