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Youth Employment & Training (Ages 14-24)

Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP)

Applications for SYEP 2023 are now closed. Placements are being arranged for eligible applicants. 

  • Ages 14-20, priority for TANF 200% households
  • SYEP runs from July-September with orientations in June

The JobLink Program

  • JobLink is a year-round program for Tompkins County young people ages 14-24
  • You can work up to 480 hours at $15.32/hour and improve your employable skills in a supportive environment
  • Learn more about JobLink by watching our short INFO VIDEOS on YouTube
  • JobLink is funded federally under the Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act (WIOA)



  1. Young Adults and Teens seeking employment and training resources can complete the survey linked above
  2. A JobLink staff member will contact you to go over your submission and enroll you in the program
  3. Eligibility criteria for Tompkins Workforce NY youth programs is determined by WIOA federal guidelines
    • If you have questions about your eligibility, please email or call (607) 272-7570 ext. 129

Resources for Youth Workers & Worksite Supervisors

Submit Your Timesheet

Payroll Calendar 2023

WIOA Youth Fact Sheet

File an Incident Report

Workplace Complaint Form

Laws on Employment of Minors

Helpful Links:

How to Submit Your Timesheet - TUTORIAL (on desktop)

How to Submit Your Timesheet - VIDEOS (on mobile or desktop)

Approve Youth Timesheet

Become a Worksite

The JobLink Program is seeking new partners to serve as Worksites for young people ages 14-24.

Some of our JobLink host worksites in 2023 have included: Green Star, Southside Community Center, Significant Elements, Longview, Cudlins Meat Market, Envious Handbags, The History Center, and more!

Apply for your business or organization!


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