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T-Free Zone

We cannot afford another generation of tobacco addiction 


City of Ithaca Regulation of Outdoor Smoking in Certain Public Places

The primary purpose of [Chapter 280] is to reduce the proximate exposure of the public, especially children, to the hazards and annoyance of second-hand tobacco smoke. Effective August 1, 2010.

Click here for more information.
Download a summary brochure
(PDF, 434KB)

Town of Lansing: Smoking ban on certain Town property

Text of the Law; Town Board minutes; link to Town Web site: Click Here.

 Smokefree Area sign

How Tobacco Free (T-Free) Zones help fight tobacco addiction in Tompkins County

1. Keeps the air smoke free
Any amount of secondhand smoke is a health risk, especially for children and those with heart or lung disease. Use T-Free Zones to show safe areas around building entryways and other outdoor areas.


Smokefree Park sign2. Supports those who want to quit
About 16,000 Tompkins County adults are regular smokers. Half say they want to quit. In Cortland County over half of the 9,000+ adults who are regular smokers say they want to quit. T-Free Zones provide a no smoking area that can help smokers control the urge to have a cigarette.


3. Helps teens beat the tobacco trap
We cannot afford another generation of tobacco addiction. Yet, tobacco use is still promoted as socially desirable and free spirited. Your T-Free Zone builds support for teens’ struggle to make healthy choices even with the tobacco industry marketing machine in their face.

The price of tobacco addiction in NYS

Deaths caused by smoking (NYS)
25,500/ yr
Adults currently suffering with a smoking illness (NYS est.)
State tax on cigarettes (NYS)
$2.75/ pack
State Medicaid payments needed to treat disease caused by smoking (NYS)
$8.45/ pack
Industry spending on cigarette marketing (U.S.)
$36 million/ day
= $13.1 Billion/ year

Click here to view a fact sheet on the economic burden of tobacco use in Tompkins County


T-Free Zone sticker at an Ithaca restaurant
Post a T-Free Zone sticker

Show your support for a community-wide effort to decrease the social and economic burden of tobacco use in Tompkins County.

Make changes in the way you do business: more ideas for your T-Free Zone. CLICK HERE »

Tobacco Free Zone resolution passes Tompkins County Legislature, March 20, 2007. [ Read the resolution]

Quit support tear-off displayDisplay information for smokers who want to Quit!

Tear-off pad on a countertop stand for office, retail store or other display.

Support for smokers who want to quit” provides toll-free phone numbers for cessation counseling and free nicotine patches, plus tips for making a plan to quit smoking. The back of each sheet has information about the T-Free Zone program.

Our 2006 survey shows that half of Tompkins County adult smokers are ready to quit now! Your support will help them reach that goal. Call 274-6712 or write today to request quit support tear-offs for your worksite or staff.


Registered Tobacco Free Zones Last Updated October 2010 | Register a new Zone

  • Advocacy Center of Tompkins County, Ithaca
  • Alphabet Soup, Ithaca
  • Animal Services of North Lansing, Groton
  • Anonymous* (3)
  • Autosalvage of Ithaca, Ithaca
  • Autumn Leaves Used Books, Ithaca
  • Bella Pizza, Ithaca
  • Bridges for Youth & Families, Ithaca
  • Calient Optical Components, Ithaca
  • Catholic Charities of Tompkins/ Tioga, Ithaca
  • Cayuga Heating Supply Co., Ithaca
  • Cayuga Radio Group, Ithaca
  • City of Ithaca
  • Claws & Paws Pet Grooming, Ithaca
  • College Variety Store, Collegetown
  • John Comisi, DDS, Lansing
  • Cornell Laundry & Cleaning Center, Inc., Ithaca
  • Corners Deli, Ithaca
  • Couch's Creations, Marathon
  • County Wide Appliance Service, Ithaca
  • Country Inn & Suites, Ithaca
  • Courtney Consulting, Ithaca
  • Crown Construction, Dryden
  • Day Care & Child Development Council, Ithaca
  • Department of Natural Resources, Cornell University, Ithaca
  • Dobson Enterprises, Ithaca
  • Eddydale, Ithaca
  • Ehrhart Propane, Trumansburg
  • Fall Creek Family Dentistry, Ithaca
  • Finger Lakes Fitness Center, Ithaca
  • Finger Lakes Independence Center, Ithaca
  • Flo-Tech O&P Systems, Inc., Trumansburg
  • Foodnet Meals on Wheels, Ithaca
  • The Gemm Shop, Trumansburg
  • Groton Central Elementary School, Groton
  • David Heck, DDS, Ithaca
  • Hull Heating & Plumbing, Ithaca
  • Ice Cream Caboose, Groton
  • Immaculate Conception School, Ithaca
  • Isaf-Merkur Studio, Cortland
  • Island Health & Fitness, Ithaca
  • Ithaca Bakery, Ithaca
  • Ithaca Child Newspaper - Ithaca Parent & Teen Magazine, Etna
  • Ithaca College Office of Human Resources-Benefits, Ithaca
  • Ithaca Med, Ithaca
  • Ithaca/Tompkins County Convention & Visitors Bureau/ TC Chamber of Commerce, Ithaca
  • John's Convenient Food Mart, Ithaca
  • Johnson Apartments, Ithaca
  • Jason's Grocery & Deli, Collegetown
  • Kirksway Farms, Inc., Lansing
  • Lansing United Methodist Church, Lansing
  • Adam Law, MD, PC, Ithaca
  • The Learning Web, Ithaca
  • Leathers & Associates, Ithaca
  • Lifelong, Ithaca
  • Life's So Sweet Chocolates, Trumansburg
  • McGraw House, Ithaca
  • Millspaugh Bros., Inc., Trumansburg
  • Moravec Construction Service
  • The Plantsmen Nursery, Groton
  • Rogues' Harbor Inn, Lansing
  • Sciencenter, Ithaca
  • Sew Green
  • Serviente Glass Studios, Ithaca
  • The Shops at Ithaca Mall
  • Six Mile Creek Vineyard, Ithaca
  • Sturges Electronics, Dryden
  • Taste of Thai, Ithaca
  • Titus Towers, Ithaca
  • Tompkins County Health Department, Ithaca
  • Toads Too Ice Cream Oasis, Freeville
  • Town of Caroline offices, Slaterville Springs
  • Town of Ithaca offices, Ithaca
  • T-Burg Mini Golf
  • Ward & Murphy, Groton
  • YMCA, Lansing
  • Young's, W. Danby

*T-Free Zone registration offers the option to opt out of advertising and promotion for the program. Those requesting anonymity are tallied in this line.