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Tobacco Free Tompkins

Part of the Tobacco Free Zone of Cortland – Tompkins – Chenango Counties  |

Information about T-21 in Tompkins County:
Click Here.

Smoke-Free Multi-Unit Housing

smokefree house picture When one person smokes, the whole building smokes. Secondhand smoke cannot be kept from drifting into neighboring apartments . It travels under doors, through air ducts and along plumbing. Air filters are not effective. The only way to keep your apartment smoke-free is to make your building smoke-free.

Ask your landlord to explain the smoking policy before you sign a lease!

Ithaca Housing Authority goes fully smoke-free, May 1, 2018. Download press release (PDF)

Tobacco-Free Outdoors

TFZone signExposure to secondhand smoke is a serious health risk for many people, and smoke-free outdoor places provides full accessibility for them. Smoke-free and tobacco-free outdoor areas are more welcoming and appropriate for families and for those who are trying to quit or stay quit.

Solid reasons for tobacco-free outdoor areas (PDF)
Clean Indoor Air

Local Licensing and Point of Sale (POS)

seen enough buttonThe tobacco industry uses POS marketing to lure youth to smoking and tobacco use. In fact, exposure to POS has been shown to be a primary cause of youth smoking. That's why teens across NYS are saying, “I've seen enough tobacco marketing in stores.”

Licensing retailers who sell tobacco products, tobacco related products, and smoking paraphernalia is an evidence based way to reduce access to these products. Click to learn more.

Listing of Tompkins County tobacco retailers and ATUPA violations

IS there anything tobacco companies wouldn’t do to get cigarettes in front of our kids? Get the facts at

T-21: Raising the Minimum Legal Age (MLA) for purchasing tobacco products to 21

Tobacco-Free Pharmacies

Tfree pharmacy sticker Pharmacies portray themselves as neighborhood centers for health and wellness, yet those that sell tobacco are providing a substance more addictive than heroin, and one that kills half of those who use it as intended. It's time to end tobacco sales in pharmacies and stores with a pharmacy.

Reality Check

RC logoReality Check (RC) is New York State's youth action program to fight tobacco use by building leadership skills and awareness of industry marketing tactics. RC youth are typically grades 8–12 and from a mixture of school districts. Each RC group plans its own local actions and activities, all the while working alongside RC groups in every NYS county, and as part of a national and international youth voice to beat back Big Tobacco's efforts to recruit "replacement smokers."

Smoke-Free Movies website. "Tell Hollywood to rate smoking 'R'. One little letter will save a million lives."


The use of e-cigarettes is now prohibited indoors at any workplace, restaurant or bar in Tompkins County. Visit our E-cig page for details.

NYS Clean Indoor Air Act (CIAA)

ATUPA Violations and info (underage sales)

Quit Smoking

Local Quit Support Group
An Open Letter on the Great American Smokeout
NYS Smokers’ Quitline
UCANQUIT2.ORG (U.S.Department of Defense quit site)
     • Smoking/ Dipping Cost Calculator

Links,  the Tobacco Free Zone of Cortland-Tompkins-Chenango Counties
Stats and evaluation reports for tobacco control in NYS (NYS Bureau of Tobacco Control)
CDC national smoking prevalence stats (released 11/12/15) or Download data tables only
• NYS Clean Indoor Air Act (CIAA)

Be Tobacco Free
Smoke-Free Teen

Stan Glantz's Blog