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NEWS: 2017 Tompkins County Sustainability Update is now available!

Welcome the Tompkins County Sustainabilty Team web site. As a governmental entity, Tompkins County is committed to promoting sustainability throughout the community, and as a large employer, seeks to foster sustainability within its own operations. The following definition shapes the County’s efforts to incorporate sustainability in its operations:

Sustainability means equitably meeting the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

In 2006 anemployee-based effort began to more systematically focus on developing sustainable practices within Tompkins County government. This led to the Tompkins County Legislature authorizing the County Administrator to appoint a Tompkins County Sustainability Team. The Team has been charged with developing an action plan to promote sustainable practices by Tompkins County government, and to report back on the progress.

As you peruse these pages, you will find information regarding the Tompkins County Sustainability Strategy, sustainability-related efforts that are underway or have already been accomplished, data that is helping the County assess the success of its sustainability efforts, and news as well as announcements related to County efforts. Please visit frequently as these pages grow and new information is added. Suggestions and questions are always welcome, as are your efforts to advance sustainability through your actions.

Patricia Carey, Department of Social Services
Betsy Doling, Mental Health Department
James Douglas, Office of Human Rights
Barb Eckstrom, Solid Waste Management Division
Stephen Estes, Personnel Department
Anita Fitzpatrick, Personnel Department
Jay Franklin, Department of Assessment
Rachel Graham, Office of the Tompkins County Clerk
Brenda Grinnell – Crosby, Health Department
Lisa Hall, Purchasing Department
Arel Lemaro, Facilities Division
Alan Lockett, Facilities Division
Jeff Lucas, County Equipment Service Manager
Marcia Lynch, Public Information Office
Ed Marx, Planning Department
Kat McCarthy, Waste Reduction and Recycling Specialist
Megan McDonald, Planning Department
Kevin McGuire, Department of County Administration
Suzanne Motheral, Office for the Aging
Bob Nicholas, Ithaca Tompkins Regional Airport
Barb O’Brien, Facilities Division
Greg Potter, Information Technology Services Department
Maureen Reynolds, Office of the Tompkins County Clerk
Leo Riley, Solid Waste Management Division
Sharon Reagin, Finance Department