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2020 Results

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> 2020 Results

2020 Results

2020 Election Results



Village Elections (September 15, 2020) 



Presidential Primary (June 23, 2020)



Lansing Village (September 15, 2020)



 State/Local Primary (June 23, 2020)



Presidential Election (November 3, 2020)

Sample Ballots:


Ithaca City, All Districts

Town of Lansing, All Districts                     

Caroline, Danby, Dryden, Groton, All Districts

Town of Newfield, All Districts

Enfiled, All Districts

Town of Ulysses, All Districts

Town of Ithaca, All Districts



Official Results:





Vice President

 Representative In Congress
Assembly 125th State Senator 51st
State Senator 54th State Senator 58th
State Supreme Court Justice, 6th JD  
District Attorney County Court Judge
City of Ithaca  
City Court Judge  
Town Proposition Number One  Town Proposition Number Two
Ithaca Town  
Town Justice  
Supervisor  Town Councilperson
Town Justice  



2020 Petition/Caucus filings

  • Designating Petitions
  • Objections Filed
  • Declinations
  • Independent Nominating Petitions
  • Caucus/Certificate of Nomination




2020 Misc

  • 2020 Elected Officials
  • Offices to be filled
  • March Village Political Calendar
  • Presidential Primary Political Calendar
  • Lansing Village Political Calendar
  • State BOE Political Calendar
  • 2020 Designating Signature Requirements
  • 2020 Independent Nominating Signature Requirments
  • 2020 Political Calendar
  • 2020 Political Calendar Addendum 1