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Community Advisory from Sheriff Ken Lansing: Credit Card Skimmers

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> Community Advisory from Sheriff Ken Lansing: Credit Card Skimmers


Community members who use a nine mile stretch of Route 13 between Warren Rd. and the Village of Dryden can learn more and take the project survey HERE

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Community Advisory from Sheriff Ken Lansing: Credit Card Skimmers

Thursday, December 14, 2017

The Tompkins County Sheriff's Office would like the public to be aware of the current credit card scams that are taking place at local gas stations around the area. These scams are occurring through what are called "credit card skimmers". These devices are installed and used to read the credit card number and log it for use at a later date.

Sheriff Lansing recommends a couple tricks and tips to help prevent this type of credit card theft:

  1. Smartphone users can utilize their Bluetooth to catch a "credit card skimmer". If a long series of numbers appears on the list of recognized Bluetooth connections on your device, it is likely that there is a "skimmer" on the pump. By enabling Bluetooth you are able to pick up the signal the "skimmer" is sending. If you see a number like this, go in to the establishment and inform the gas attendant immediately. Additionally, Android users have applications available to be able to detect skimmers; such as "Skimmer Scanner" by SparkX. This app uses the Bluetooth footprint to recognize if there is a "skimmer" on the gas pump.
  2. Another way to avoid theft is going into the establishment and paying directly. Whether you are paying with a card or cash, you can always pay inside the building. This is the safest method.

"It is easy to fall prey to this kind of theft; take the extra precaution and double check your surroundings with these suggestions", says Sheriff Lansing.