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> COVID19 Information for Households


2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Information for Households

What you need to know about
Cleaning and disinfecting

Prepare First
  • Wear disposable gloves when cleaning and sanitizing the surface. Gloves should be discarded after every cleaning.
  • If using a pair of reusable gloves, use them only for surface cleaning and sterilization for COVID-19, and not for any other purpose.
  • Consult the manufacturer's instructions for the cleaning and disinfectant used.
  • Wash hands immediately after removing gloves .
  • Clean dirty surfaces with detergent, or soap and water before disinfecting.
For effective disinfecting of most surfaces
  • Use a diluted household bleach solution, or 70% alcohol or higher concentration, or an EPA-registered household disinfectant.
  • Making a diluted household bleach solution:
    • Check expiration date on your bleach supply before using.
    • Know if it’s okay to use bleach on the surface you want to disinfect.
    • Make sure the area is well ventilated.
    • Never mix with ammonia or other cleaning agents.
  • Prepare bleach solution by mixing as follows.
    • 5 tablespoons of bleach per gallon of water (1/3 cup)
    • 4 small spoons of bleach per 1 quart of water
Households where People are in isolation due to a positive result for a COVID-19 test
  • Household members should educate themselves about COVID-19 symptoms and preventing the spread of COVID-19 in homes.
  • Clean and disinfect high-touch surfaces daily in household common areas (e.g. tables, hard-backed chairs, doorknobs, light switches, remotes, handles, desks, toilets, sinks)
  • In the bedroom/bathroom dedicated for an ill person: clean on an as-needed basis (e.g., soiled items and surfaces) to avoid unnecessary contact with the ill person.
    • As much as possible, an ill person should stay in a specific room and away from other people in their home, following home care guidance.
    • The caregiver can provide personal cleaning supplies for an ill person’s room and bathroom, unless the room is occupied by child or another person for whom such supplies would not be appropriate. These supplies include tissues, paper towels, cleaners and EPA-registered disinfectants (examples at this linkpdf iconexternal icon).
    • If a separate bathroom is not available, the bathroom should be cleaned and disinfected after each use by an ill person. If this is not possible, the caregiver should wait as long as practical after use by an ill person to clean and disinfect the high-touch surfaces.
  • Household members should follow home care guidance when interacting with persons with suspected/confirmed COVID-19 and their isolation rooms/bathrooms.
Clothing, towels, linens and other items that go in the laundry
  • Wear disposable gloves when handling dirty laundry from an ill person and then discard after each use.
  • If using a pair of reusable gloves, use them only for surface cleaning and sterilization for COVID-19, and not for any other purpose.
  • Clean hands immediately after gloves are removed.
  • Do not shake dirty laundry, to minimize the possibility of dispersing virus through the air.
  • If possible, launder items using the warmest appropriate water setting for the items and dry items completely. Dirty laundry from an ill person can be washed with other people’s items.
  • Clean and disinfect clothes hampers according to guidance above for surfaces. If possible, consider placing a bag liner that is either disposable (can be thrown away) or can be laundered.

Source: CDC (March 2020)


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