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> TWFNY - SYEP Worksite Application


We are committed to working together to make SYEP 2020 as successful as possible for all!
We anticipate a combined program in which youth will be placed in worksites where social distancing, density, face coverings, and hygiene can all be feasibly managed to ensure the health and safety of SYEP participants and those with whom they work. Additionally, we will be providing virtual workshops and online learning opportunities that will be paired with each worksite placement.  
To help us ensure the health and safety of our youth, ALL WORKSITES will be REQUIRED to submit a Health & Safety Plan / Reopening Plan that aligns with Tompkins County Health Department’s recommendations to address: how they will manage social distancing, density, face coverings and hygiene in the workplace.
What can you expect from SYEP Staff?
TWFNY will provide Youth Orientation, covering: work readiness, labor laws, health and safety, payroll, tax forms, and financial literacy. TWFNY will provide an overview of social distancing, density, face coverings and hygiene measures appropriate for workplaces in general; however, site specific orientations with emphasis on COVID19 prevention MUST be provided by ALL WORKSITES.
Youth will be paid $11.80 / hr & will work up to 25 hrs / wk for 6-8 wks (paid by Tompkins County). This is what we would typically plan for SYEP. There is still uncertainty about the funding amount we will receive for SYEP 2020. We will inform you of details as we learn them.
SYEP Advisors will visit worksites and meet with participants and supervisors weekly. They will assist youth and supervisors with any challenges that may arise in the workplace and will monitor and reinforce health and safety measures. If these measures are not being enforced at a worksite, it may result in youth being removed from the worksite either temporarily or permanently.
Youth timesheets will be collected weekly & paychecks will be delivered bi-weekly by SYEP Advisors. Timesheet and Paycheck schedules will be provided to you with your Worksite Supervisor Manual.
Youth will be required to attend at least two enrichment workshops provided by TWFNY during the summer program.
Worksite supervisors will be notified at the beginning of the job placement what days/times their youth employee(s) will be required to attend the enrichment workshops they’ve chosen. Youth will be paid for these hours.
What do we need from you as a worksite / worksite supervisor?
  • Provide youth with a safe, supportive, first time work experience
  • Guide youth in developing workplace etiquette and strengthening basic employment skills
  • Provide guidance, supervision and appropriate on-the-job training for youth
  • Assist youth with completing timesheets and ensure time is documented accurately
  • Partner with SYEP Advisors to support youth and address workplace issues right away


Please submit your application by the new deadline, August 6.

If you have questions, please email us: