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(Sec. 11-102)

Any person who shall change his residence from this state to another state or from one county or city of this state to another such county or city, after the thirtieth day next preceding any presidential election shall be entitled to vote for president and vice president of the United States in such election, provided, however, that such person may not vote for any candidate for any other office or any question to be voted for at such election, and provided further that

  • Such person was duly qualified and registered to vote in this state immediately prior to such change of residence;

  • Such person is neither qualified nor able to qualify to vote for such electors either in the state, or in the county or city of this state, or at the residence within the county or city of this state to which such person has removed; and

  • Such person has applied for a special ballot for president and vice president, as provided by this article.

Applicant must provide last residence address in Tompkins County and state your future or new residence address. You must also provide date you removed your residence from Tompkins County. There are two places at the bottom you must sign.

Power of attorney may not sign the application or ballot for the applicant. If the applicant is unable to sign they must make a mark (x) on the signature line. Power of attorney may then witness such mark on the proper witness line. Election law also does not allow for a caregiver to be eligible for an absentee ballot.