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Center Ithaca, Suite 241
Ithaca, NY  14850
(607) 272-7570
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Tompkins Workforce New York provides a convenient, one-stop shopping approach for accessing employment-related services for businesses, workers, and jobseekers in Tompkins County.  Our full-service Workforce New York Career Center is located in downtown Ithaca in Center Ithaca on The Commons. Our Center provides an open, friendly, and professional atmosphere with trained staff ready to assist jobseekers and employers.

What's New:

JOIN US for a 3-part series on “Tackling the Challenges of the Labor Shortage in Tompkins CountyIn 2011, the unemployment rate was 5.7% and we had 4,012 active job seekers exploring jobs in Tompkins County. In 2016, the rate is 3.2% with only 1,270 active job seekers. Five years ago, businesses had large numbers of applicants for openings. We are hearing from businesses that they are now struggling to find talent with the right skills, educational backgrounds, credentials and experiences. Although we continue to align business talent needs with training strategies and local training providers when possible, there are still individuals struggling with unemployment and businesses struggling to find the right talent.

Only 47% of our employee base lives in Tompkins County. Large numbers of our workforce live outside of Tompkins County and commute here to work every day. As more pre-retirees actually retire and the baby-boomer generation leaves the labor force, the challenge will deepen for businesses and organizations will struggle to find replacement talent.

This series is designed to stimulate conversations, share research and data
and take a hard look at solutions that need to be considered now.

Click here for additional information.

Session 1 Presentation - May 10, 2016


Are you interested in a job in construction, but have little or no previous construction experience?  The Skilled Trades Diversity Council is offering a 10-week Pre-Construction Preparedness Course for individuals 18 years or older.  To learn more click here!


Veterans Come First! Tompkins Workforce New York offers Priority of Service to veterans and their eligible spouses.

What does this mean? If you served in the military, you will be:

  • Served first by the next available staff member.
  • Given first priority for jobs and training referrals for which you are eligible and qualified.

Additional information is available at:


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