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Tompkins County Sheriff's Office
Public Safety Building
779 Warren Road
Ithaca, NY 14850

Business Office:
(607) 257-1345
Non-Emergency Number:
Emergency Number: 911

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Tompkins County Sheriff's Office


Sheriff Kenneth Lansing   Undersheriff Brian Robison

"Honor, Pride, Integrity"

Our agency motto is more than just a saying.  These words describe how we have decided to represent ourselves in the performance of our duties.  These words hold so much value to us that we have chosen to wear them on our sleeve.  They provide reassurance to those that come into our presence, and serve as a constant reminder for us.


Honor involves loyalty to our agency, and to the public we have been called to protect.  It requires a servant's humility and a just and merciful heart.  It is being 
self-sacrificial rather than self-serving.  It involves an unrelenting commitment to excellence. 

 Pride describes a feeling that comes from our sense of duty.  It does not represent a feeling of self-righteousness or superiority.  Rather, it comes from the recognition of the utter importance of our purpose and respect for the authority bestowed upon us.  It grows over time as a result of shared experience and increasing trust.

Integrity is what we are expected to possess.  It involves living by a higher standard.  It is holding us accountable to each other and to the public.  It comes from being guided not only by what is legal, but what is moral, right and just.


These words are our promise to you.