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Sheriff Lansing Reports Results of a Multi-Agency Special Operation: #11/Clean Sweep

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> Sheriff Lansing Reports Results of a Multi-Agency Special Operation: #11/Clean Sweep


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Sheriff Lansing Reports Results of a Multi-Agency Special Operation: #11/Clean Sweep

Friday, May 15, 2015

On May 15th, the Tompkins County Sheriff, Kenneth Lansing, reported on the results of a Multi-Agency Special Operation: “#11 also known as Clean Sweep”. This operation was started in July of 2014 as a result of a rash of community complaints regarding drug sales in Tompkins County.

Sheriff Lansing says, “The utilization of all resources available is one of our main objectives in keeping this community thriving and feeling safe.”

Eleven agencies were involved in the development and resolution of this Special Operation task force; which was constructed in order to identify the people responsible for the selling of illegal narcotics and bringing them to justice. The agencies involved were:

  • Tompkins County Sheriff’s Office
  • Tompkins County District Attorney’s Office
  • Ithaca Police Department
  • NYS Police Ithaca SIU Division
  • NYSP CNET Western and CNET Southern
  • NYSP Binghamton SIU Division
  • NYS Division of Parole
  • Cayuga Heights Police Department
  • Dryden Police Department
  • Groton Police Department
  • Trumansburg Police Department 

The efforts from Special Operation: “#11/Clean Sweep” resulted in a list of approximately 33 individuals suspected of selling narcotics in Tompkins County. Several of these individuals were identified as wanted for other crimes that they have committed. These charges range from criminal possession of controlled substances with intent to sell to murder warrants. The full report, including a full list of the various charges and suspects, can be found on the Sheriff’s Office website:

In conclusion, Sheriff Lansing said “An operation like this shows the ability of multiple agencies to work together, through economical strain, wide spread law enforcement criticism and the daily challenges of the profession, in order to serve and protect the community.”