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Retiring County Clerk Aurora R. Valenti Bids Farewell…and Voices Her Thanks

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> Retiring County Clerk Aurora R. Valenti Bids Farewell…and Voices Her Thanks


Tompkins County seeks candidates for the position of Employee Health and Safety Coordinator. Details HERE . Apply by February 9.

REPOSTED.  Tompkins County seeks applicants for this important Human Resources position. Apply by Feb. 3, Updated details HERE.

Click HERE for information from the Tompkins County Health Department on tick disease prevention & to watch the NYSDOH video on how to remove a tick.

Injury from falling is a major risk for older adults and people with disabilities.  Click HERE to review information on how to prevent falls from the Office for the Aging.

The Health Department is providing flu vaccinations for adults at its building, 55 Brown Road, across from the Airport.  Call 274-6616 to schedule your appointment.  More information

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Retiring County Clerk Aurora R. Valenti Bids Farewell…and Voices Her Thanks

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Tompkins County Clerk Aurora Rubens Valenti, a native Ithacan and child of naturalized parents who at month’s end will complete 24 years as Tompkins County Clerk, addressed the Legislature tonight to express her thanks, to the Legislature and to the people of Tompkins County.  Clerk Valenti’s said:

“I'm here tonight to thank you, the representatives of the people of the County of Tompkins, who made it possible for me to become Tompkins County Clerk on January 1, 1991,  24 years ago.

“I thank you and all the people of this wonderful county for permitting me to serve you as your County Clerk, the Clerk of the Courts, and as Director of the Department of Motor Vehicles. Congratulations to all of us for being residents of this great county as well as employees and representatives thereof.

“I am sure my parents are so proud that they become citizens of the United States upon their arrival from Italy to Ithaca, thereby permitting their daughter to be First Generation American. Aurora Rubens Valenti ran for office and won. TOMPKINS COUNTY: THE BEST PLACE ON EARTH TO WORK. Second only, perhaps, to Disney World.

“Thank you again for this fabulous opportunity. God Bless Us, Every One.  Ciao! Arrivederci!!”