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Legislature Supports NYSEG Petition for Lansing Compressor Project, Urges Expeditious PSC Review

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> Legislature Supports NYSEG Petition for Lansing Compressor Project, Urges Expeditious PSC Review


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Legislature Supports NYSEG Petition for Lansing Compressor Project, Urges Expeditious PSC Review

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

The Legislature went on record in unanimous support of a New York State Electric and Gas petition to the State Public Service Commission (PSC) requesting permission to construct a pressure-boosting compressor station project to address safety, pressure, and reliability issues for current natural gas customers in the Lansing area. The Legislature urges expeditious review and approval of the petition by the PSC.

The project proposes four skid-mounted “pressure booster” compressor units, placed strategically within the existing gas distribution system, to elevate system pressures in the Lansing area during times of peak gas demand. The measure states that the project is in the public interest, as the pressure boosters will improve system reliability; better allow for the safe and continued uninterrupted supply of gas service to existing customers in the Lansing area, and help return pressure in the distribution system to optimal operating pressures. It notes that NYSEG would like to have the pressure boosters in place for most of the 2018-19 heating season, and that schedule could be implemented if the PSC grants timely approval.

The resolution pledges that Tompkins County will assist NYSEG, as requested, in planning for the pressure boosters and facilitating communication between NYSEG and the public.

Legislator Martha Robertson, who advanced the member-filed resolution, recalled that the proposed initiative now before the PSC arose from discussions with the utility stemming from work of the County’s Energy and Economic Development Task Force. “With quick approval, people could have this in place by December 2018,” Robertson said. “Our voice in support or this filing and this petition will certainly be helpful in persuading them to move ahead.” The member-filed approach was necessary due to a lack of time to get the matter through the Legislature’s committee process and still meet the PSC’s September 25th comment deadline.

Lansing Legislator Mike Sigler also spoke in support of the compressor project. “NYSEG has dragged its feet for years now…and has put my constituents in jeopardy,” he said. “The fact that NYSEG has done this is unacceptable. This is simply to boost the pressure and it’s a safety measure that is important.”