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Legislature Approves Appropriation of 2009 Rollover Funds

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> Legislature Approves Appropriation of 2009 Rollover Funds


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Legislature Approves Appropriation of 2009 Rollover Funds

Tuesday, August 3, 2010
The Legislature appropriated a little over $120,000 in unspent funds (known as "rollover") from 2009 to departmental accounts for use in the current year's budget. Eight departments were certified by the Finance Director to have unspent appropriations and excess revenues from 2009 for use in 2010. More than $40,000 in additional certified rollover funding was returned to the County's General Fund.

Approval came by a 12-2 vote, with Legislators Mike Lane and Pat Pryor voting no. (Legislator Dooley Kiefer was excused.) While Legislator Lane said that while individual request appeared justified, considering the County's impending budget challenges and many fiscal unknowns, it's time to be firm and deny the spending. Legislator Pryor urged any action be delayed to permit the requests to be reviewed and prioritized along with other needs.

County Administrator Joe Mareane noted that only $120,000 was being allocated, out of more than $1 million saved by departments last year, and that for the first time departments were not allowed to accumulate rollover from personnel savings.