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Park and Ride Feasibility Study

In April 2004 the Ithaca-Tompkins County Transportation Council (ITCTC) began its work on a feasibility study for a Park and Ride program in Tompkins County. Seeking to determine the feasibility of a park and ride strategy focused on relieving congestion in the urbanized area of the county, the ITCTC created a committee with representatives from local governments, Cornell, and TCAT to advance this project.

The Park and Ride (P&R) committee quickly decided that the first step in this effort was to get work trip information from commuters. Information such as direction of travel, workplace location, work schedule as well as data on attitude towards non-automobile modes of transportation is needed to help determine if a P&R strategy could work in Tompkins County. The two major employment centers in the county, Cornell University and Downtown Ithaca, were selected for an Employee Commuter Survey. The Cornell University survey was designated as Phase I of this effort and Downtown Ithaca as Phase II.

Phase I was administered in the spring of 2005, with the bulk of participants using the web to complete the questionnaire. By all accounts Phase I was a success. The overall response rate was 60%. In total, 5,450 out of 9,080 target Cornell employees completed the survey.

The Phase I Summary Report prepared by the Survey Research Institute (SRI) at Cornell was released at the end of August. This document presents a summary of the survey results for the most important variables in the study.

Phase II, a survey of Downtown Ithaca commuters was implemented from early November to mid-December 2005. The downtown location presented a surveying challenge since the approximately 4,000 workers in the survey are employed in numerous businesses, institutions and agencies. Reaching these target workers required the cooperation and support of employers; the ITCTC worked with local partners, the Ithaca Downtown Partnership and the City of Ithaca, to help implement the survey. The Phase II Summary Report prepared by SRI was released in February 2006.

Click here to see the Survey Area Boundary.

The cumulative results of both phases of research can be found in the Cumulative Summary Report released in February 2006.


For Additional Information:

Fernando de Aragon,
ITCTC Executive Director
phone: 274- 5570
Email us here

Park and Ride Options for Tompkins County:  White Paper

Prepared by: Fernando de Aragón
Ithaca-Tompkins County Transportation Council
For use by the ITCTC Park and Ride Sub-Committee
August 5, 2004

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