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Health A–Z Services IndexTCHD logo

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 - N - O - P - Q - R - S - T - U - V - W - X - Y - Z

A AIDS (see HIV)
Administration (see Planning & Coordination)
Adults, Immunizations (Immunization Clinics)
, Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs), Blue-green algae
Animals, Rabies (Environmental Health)
Annual Report

fact sheet
Assessment (See Community Health Assessment)

(Adolescent Tobacco Use Prevention Act)
Avian Flu
(bird flu)
B Bats, "How to catch a bat" video
Bed Bugs

Bill of Rights
for clients
Birth certificates (Vital Records)
Bird Flu
(Avian Influenza)
Birds, reporting (See West Nile Virus)
Blood Pressure (Health Promotion Program)
Blue-Green Algae
, Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs)
Breastfeeding Support (WIC Program; CHS)
(Communicable Disease Factsheets)
Budgets (Contact info for county & state elected officials)
Burial Permits (Vital Records)
Burning (Open burning & air pollution regulations)
C CA-MRSA (Staph infection) Fact sheet
Camps, Children's
(Environmental Health)
Cardiovascular Disease, Preventing (Health Promotion Program)
Certified Labs, Water Testing
Childbirth Classes (CHS)
Child, Nutrition (WIC Program)
Children, Immunizations (Immunization Clinics)
Children's Camps
(Environmental Health)
Children with Special Care Needs (CSCN)
Chlorine: Using household bleach to disinfect a water well
Client Bill of Rights

Clinics, Flu

Clinics, Rabies

Clinics, WIC

in well water
Committee for Preschool Education (CSCN)
Communicable Disease Control (CHS)
Communicable Disease Factsheets
Communicable Disease Reports
Community Health Assessment
Community Health Improvement Plan
Community Health Services
County Health Rankings

Creating Healthy Places Worksite Program

Cyanobacteria, Blue-Green Algae, HABs (Harmful Algal Blooms)
D Data (Community Health Assessment)
Death Certificates (Vital Records)
Deer ticks
(Lyme Disease FAQ)
Demographics (Community Health Assessment)

Diabetes Prevention Program

Diabetes Self-Management Program

to the TC Health Department
Disinfecting a water well

Disposal: Sharps
Drinking Water


Drowsy Driving
E Early Intervention Services (CSCN)

E-Cigarettes and ENDS

Emergency contact
when the Health Department is closed
Emergency Preparedness
in Tompkins County

Enterovirus D68

Environmental Health

Events: Temporary Food Service info, FAQ and permit application
F Factsheets
Family Treatment Court: see SafeCare
, Environmental Health: operating permit, plan review, development fees
Fire Damaged Food
in a Permitted Food Service Facility
Five-a-Day (Fruits & Vegetables) (Health Promotion Program)
Flooding safety and cleanup

Flu Information

Food Service Establishments: Inspections
Food Service Establishments: Permits (EH Food Service Program)
Food Service Establishments: Restaurant Manual
Food Service: Temporary Food Service info, FAQ and permit application
Foodborne Illness (EH Food Service Program)
Free Food (WIC Program)
Frozen Food After a Power Outage
at Permitted Facilities
G Genealogy searches (Vital Records)
a.k.a. Giardiasis (beaver fever)
H H1N1 Influenza
HABs: Harmful Algal Blooms

Health Promotion Program
Heat-related illness


HIV Testing & Counseling
, Free, Anonymous - (607) 274-6604

Holidays: Tips for Healthy Choices
: Human Papillomavirus (genital or venereal warts)
I Immunizations
Improvement Plan (See Community Health Improvement Plan)
Infant-Child Health Assessment (CSCN)

Influenza, H1N1
Inspections, Food Service Establishments (Monthly Inspection Data)
L Lead, Home Drinking Water
Lead Paint Removal
, Contractor Certification
Lead Poisoning & Prevention

Lead Recalls

Lead, School Drinking Water

Legal Notices

(Legionnaires’ Disease)
Legislature contact information
for county & state elected officials
Lyme Disease
M Map to the TC Health Department
Maternal Child Unit (CHS)

Medical Director, Monthly Reports to the BOH
Medication Disposal

Meningococcal Disease
(Communicable Disease Factsheets)

Mobile Home Parks (Environmental Health)
Mold Information (Environmental Health)
MOMS, Prenatal Program (MOMS)
and (Staph infection) Fact sheet

N Needles: See Sharps
Neighborhood Notification Law

(TC Health Department Press Releases)
Norovirus (download a CDC factsheet, pdf 40K)
Nutrition Eduction (WIC Program)
O Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems (OWTS)
Open Burning
& air pollution regulations in Tompkins County
Owner's Manual
, Tompkins County Restaurants
P Pandemic Flu
Pandemic Flu Plan (Press release Feb 24 2006)
Parapertussis Factsheet

Performance Incentive Initiative

Pertussis Factsheet
Pesticide Notification Law
Physical Activity (Health Promotion Program)
Planning & Coordination

Potluck meals

Power Outage and Frozen Food at Permitted Facilities

Prenatal Nutrition (WIC)
Prenatal Program, MOMS (MOMS)

, Public Health Preparedness
Press Room
(Press releases, contact TCHD)
, Notice of Privacy Practices
Public Bathing Beaches (Environmental Health)
Public Health Preparedness
Q Quit Smoking
R Rabies Clinics
Rabies Control Information
(Environmental Health)
Rabies, Monthly Report

Reality Check
Teen anti-tobacco program
Recalls, Food and food products, U.S. FDA Safety Alerts
Recalls, Lead Content Violations
Restaurant Inspections, Monthly Reports

Restaurant Owner's Manual
, Tompkins County
S SafeCare
Sanitary Code
of Tompkins County
Seasonal Flu Immunization Shots and Clinics

Sewage Systems: See Onsite Wastewater Treatment System (OWTS): Procedures, Requirements, Application, Maintenance
STD: Sexually Transmitted Disease: See STI
STI: Sexually Transmitted Infection
(Communicable Disease Factsheets)
Sharps Disposal: Safety FAQ; Collection Sites for safe disposal of sharps
Shock disinfecting
a water well
Skilled Nursing Care (Home Care Services)
Sleep Awareness Week

Smoking Cecessation

Smokefree workplace regulations (Clean Indoor Air Act): CIAA Compliance. See also E-cigarettes
Stomach bug (see Norovirus)
Substance Abuse: Youth (See Community Coalition for Healthy Youth)
Summer Health & Safety

Swimming Pools, Public (Environmental Health)
factsheet (Communicable Disease Factsheets)
T Teen anti-tobacco program, see Reality Check
Temporary Food Services
: Info & Permit Application; FAQ
. PDF factsheet also available for download (24K)
Ticks & tick-borne diseases

Tobacco Free Tompkins

Tobacco Retail Sales Regulations (ATUPA) (Environmental Health)
Tobacco-21 (T-21)

Trash burning (Open burning regulations in Tompkins County)
(Communicable Disease Factsheets)
W Waste Treatment (Onsite Wastewater Treatment System)
Water Interruption
at Permitted Food Facilities
Water Systems

Water Testing, Local certified labs
Water Week

Waterborne Illness (Environmental Health)
: Installing a private water well
West Nile Virus
(Environmental Health)
Whooping Cough (Pertussis) (Communicable Disease Factsheets)
WIC Program
(Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children.)
Worksite Wellness

Worksite Wellness Coalition, Tompkins County
Y Youth Substance Abuse: See Community Coalition for Healthy Youth
Z Zika Virus