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Health Plan Information

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Health Plan Information

Platinum Plan Information 
The following links will take you to a video of an informational presentation for retirees held on the Platinum Plan and Frequently Asked Questions:  VIDEO     FAQ

2017 Rate Information - County
2017 Rate Information - Cities, Towns, and Villages

Plan Summaries
Platinum Plan

Gold Plan

Silver Plan

Bronze Plan

Consortium Metal Level Plans - Standard Plan Benefit Options 

*  Platinum Plan Resolution 
* Gold and Silver Plan Resolution
*  Bronze Plan Resolution

* Disclaimer: (The GTCMHIC Standard Platinum Plan is a combined health insurance plan which consists of a single medical plan option and a single prescription drug plan option.  The prescription drug portion of the GTCMHIC Standard Platinum Plan may not be substituted or replaced with another prescription drug plan offered by the Consortium.  The GTCMHIC Standard Platinum Plan is designed in such a way that the benefits may be altered annually to ensure the plan design meets the criteria of a Platinum Plan as originally defined in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) which was signed into law on March 23, 2010 and as detailed in Resolution No. 016-2014 of the GTCMHIC which was passed on August 28, 2014.)

CSEA Dental and Vision

Medicare Plan

   Prescription Drug Riders:  $5-$15-$30     $10-$25-$40    $15-$30-$45    $20-$20-$40    $20-$30-$50