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Contact Information

Dept. of Information Technology Services: GIS Division
128 East Buffalo Street 
Ithaca, New York 14850
Phone: 607-274-5418
Fax: 607-274-5420
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GIS Staff!

The GIS Division serves as the lead agency for enterprise GIS development and data distribution. We provide GIS direction, GIS project assistance and deploy GIS technology for county departments, other municipalities, and the public. As such, there are two full-time staff members in the Information Technology Services Department dedicated to serving the geospatial needs of Tompkins County at-large. The Division also provides oversight for specific projects and Departmental integration.

GIS Administrator
Director of Info Tech Services (ITS)
GIS Tech / Web Developer

Department Specific Staff!

In addition to the IT staff above, the following individuals provide GIS related support in other County Departments.

GIS Analysis- Sharon, Planning Dept
An employee of the Planning Department, Sharon maintains any and all layers relating to overall county planning activities, These layes include; zoning, land use land cover, agricultural districts, and all GIS related layer encompassed in the County Comprehensive Plan. Sharon uses, ArcGIS Desktop 10, Spatial Analyst and Community Viz to create and maintain data that affects all aspects of Tompkins County Comprehensive Plan and local Community Planning efforts.

Tax Mapping- Jay, Vicki & Michael, Assessment
Today, the County offers tax mapping information online through the Department of Asssement website. The site is maintained by Jay who in addition to directing the Assessment Department's numerous activities, provides oversight for ongoing tax mapping efforts. The day-to-day mapping work is handled by Vicky and Michael who utizie the tax mapping toolset of ArcGIS for Desktop with custom code to split, consolidate, and make boundary adjustments to parcels that come from legal desciptions and paper maps. As such they process an average of 650 changes annually and serve as caretaker for over 38,000 parcels.

Address Maintenance & Geoloads- Claudia, Justin Vann & Chris Saxon, Dept. of Emergency ResponseNew,
Claudia has been maintaing address data for the Department of Emergency Response for more than a decade. Whether she gets a new address via fax, email or paper napkin, this ends up in the system eventually so when you call 911 they know where to send assistance. She maintains the ANI/ALI system (where the phone are). Justin and Chis in addition to dispatching, maintains, process, and load addresss information directly into the public safety, CAD, and RMS system on a regular basis.

Highway and Transportation- John Highway, Tom & Victor Ithaca-Tompkins County Transportation Council (ITCTC)
John utilizes Cartegraph Software, Trimble GPS equipment and ArcGIS Desktop to track the County Highway assets. He spends most of his time in the field inspecting and collecting data for transportation assests (signs, bridges, cluverts, guardrails and roadways). While John is busy in the field, Tom and Victor are busy modelling these assests in TransCAD and ArcGIS Desktop and Planning for the next transportation improvement project.