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Election Worker News
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Volume 7, Issue 2 (web vers.)
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Text Box: “To make democracy work, we must be a nation of participants, not simply observers.”– Louis L'Amour

Sept.13:  Primary Election - Polls open noon to 9 p.m. (Poll Site Managers arrive by 11:00 am, Inspectors by 11:30 am.)


October - Poll Worker training. (Dates to be announced.)


November 8:

General Election -

Polls open 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. (Poll Site Managers arrive by 5:00 am,     Inspectors by 5:30 am.)


Text Box: Red Means Wait,
Green Means Go

A Few New Poll Sites This Fall

For various reasons, we’ve had quite a few poll site changes this year. Most were prompted because we need much more space to set up the new voting system. We need enough room to position the voting machines and ballot marking  booths in ways that best ensure smooth traffic flow and voter privacy. Please follow the set up drawings we provide. A lot of careful thought went into them. But let us know if something is not working well.


Check below to see if your poll site has changed. It will be pretty embarrassing if you call us from your old site wondering where everyone else is! Poll site location changes, starting with the Primary, are as follows:


City of Ithaca, Ward 1, Districts 1 & 2: Lehman Alternative Community School, 111 Chestnut St. (previously was Chemung Canal Bank)


City of Ithaca, Ward 2, Districts 1 & 3: GIAC, 301 W. Court St. (previously was Lifelong)


Danby, Districts 1 & 3: Danby Fire Station, 1780 Danby Rd. (previously was Danby Town Hall)


Enfield, Districts 1 & 2: Enfield Volunteer Fire Co,, 172 Enfield Main Rd. (previously was  Enfield Elementary School)


Lansing, Districts 5 & 7: Ithaca Reform Temple, 2550 N. Triphammer Rd. (Corner of N. Triphammer and Burdick Hill Rd.) (Previously was Crash Fire and Rescue, at the airport)


Ulysses, District 2: West Hill Community Church, 3049 VanDorn Corners Rd. (Corner of  VanDorn Corners Rd. and Iradell Rd.) (Previously was  Jacksonville United Methodist Church)

Old Poll SIte Pic

When you first power up the machine, check for the RED status light on the side. After you use your  “I Key” to continue the process, the LCD screen will soon display a “Next” button. But DO NOT select “Next” until you see the  GREEN status light. Otherwise there may be a problem with opening the polls.

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