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911 Information

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911 Information



In Tompkins County

911 is the number to know to report a police, fire or medical emergency -- a situation requiring the immediate presence of police officers, fire fighters or emergency medical personnel. 
In a crisis, seconds count! They can mean the difference between life and death.
There is one easy-to remember number to call for police, fire and medical emergencies -- 911. No coin is required if calling from a pay phone.
But please remember, 911 is an emergency number ONLY.
To place non-emergency calls to a police agency, fire department or medical service, please consult your telephone directory for the appropriate numbers.

1) If you call from any telephone in Tompkins County, listen for a dial tone, then press 911. You do not have to deposit a coin in a pay phone.

2) When you reach the emergency 911 phone dispatcher, you will be asked to verify the location from which you are calling and describe the nature of the emergency.

3) Stay calm. Do not hang up. Stay on the telephone until directed otherwise by the 911 dispatcher. If you hang up, you must redial.

4) If you call from a cellular phone:
Note that cellular calls go to many "cell sites" and your call might not be answered close to where you are. You must describe to the dispatcher the location of the emergency you are reporting.

Intentional misuse of 911 is against the law and may delay someone else's access to emergency assistance.

Call 911 to report:
  • Someone breaking into your home now, or breaking into a neighbor's home
  • A shooting
  • A fire
  • A traffic accident involving injury
  • A person screaming
  • A person choking
  • A fight or display of weapons
An emergency is any situation that to preserve life or property requires immediate response by police, fire or emergency medical agencies

Do NOT call 911 to:
  • Report telephone, power or cable television outages.
  • Report an abandoned vehicle, a loud party, a pet-related problem or vandalism.
  • Request legal advise.
  • Request directory assistance.
  • Request or provide any information that does NOT need immediate attention.
Please remember:
911 is an emergency number and should not be used for non-emergency purposes.


























Want to become a Dispatcher? Fill out a Human Recourse Job Card here! When the applications open you will be notifed!


- High School Diploma or GED
    - Ability to pass Civil Service written examination**
    - Abiltiy to pass typing test
    - Ability to pass a medical physical, hearing & drug tests
    - Ability to pass background investigation & psych exam 


- $48,318.40 - $52,436-80/year (2017 rates)

    - Health, Vision and Dental Insurance
    - New York State Retirement
    - New York State Deferred Compensation Plan
    - Excused Paid Leave

** The Civil Service written examination is offered in Tompkins County every 1-2 years depending on need.